Talent Management Suite

Where engagement and culture form the new core of strategic HR. 

Employee Engagement

Avature DNA Social is an interactive employee hub, designed for true employee engagement. It gives you the technology to engage your employee community, the data to understand what drives them, and the insight to make smarter decisions. Avature DNA Social combines the best social and professional network features, making it immediately familiar to all of your employees.

With Avature DNA Social you can:

  • Allow employees to showcase their work experience, skills and current contribution to the organization
  • Enable a channel for employees to connect with each other and discover people who could collaborate with them on a task
  • Create customizable employee profiles and collect key information about your employees
  • Target content and job opportunities to employees based on information collected throughout the whole employee life cycle (onboarding, performance, succession, etc.)
  • Automate announcements about new hires, mobility and achievements


Internal Mobility

Regardless of size, location or industry, the ability to retain key talent is crucial to any organization’s success. With Avature Mobility you can build agile programs that promote, relocate and rotate homegrown talent effectively within your company. You can easily match employees with professional opportunities that fulfill both their career interests and your company’s fast-changing goals and transition them smoothly from one job or function to another.

With Avature Mobility you can:

  • Allow employees to express their career interests
  • Create a custom and fully-branded internal career site for employees to apply for jobs
  • Build and manage internal talent pools based on employees’ skills, competencies, and interests
  • Establish a tailored approval process to release an employee for a new position
  • Advertise hot opportunities to a targeted group of employees based on their experience and preferences
  • Give transparency and visibility to your mobility program by announcing promotions and employees’ relocations

Performance Management

Avature Performance Management allows you to create ongoing, agile, and collaborative processes, enabling you to shift from annual backward-looking evaluations to as-needed fact-based performance discussions.

With Avature Performance Management you can:

  • Create a tailored process for setting and reviewing goals
  • Keep track of mid-term performance reviews
  • Collect 360-degree feedback from peers, managers, direct reports and people outside of the organization
  • Assess your employees on goals, core competencies and role-based competencies
  • Acknowledge high performers and motivate all employees by making their achievements public

Succession Planning

With Avature Succession Planning, you can withstand the constant flux of global workforce challenges with an engaging planning platform that enables you to assess internal talent, build pipelines of potential successors for a role and develop employees so they are ready to take over. With robust reporting capabilities, you can analyze the effectiveness of your succession plan to make better decisions in the future.

With Avature Succession Planning you can:

  • Tailor your succession planning process, from nomination to evaluation of readiness for the role
  • Identify critical skills and competencies for key roles within the organization
  • Build and manage internal talent pools of successors for a role, department or division
  • Maintain customized talent profiles for people identified as potential fits
  • Keep track of nominees’ statuses and report on succession pipelines


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