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Craft employee experiences that engage and strengthen your workforce, and drive your organization to greater agility and success.

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Create Tangible Value Through Effective Performance Management

Avature Performance Management allows you to re-envision the employee review process and tailor it to your needs. Move away from the retroactive evaluations of yesteryear and empower your employees with ongoing, agile and collaborative appraisal processes.

With Avature Performance Management you can:

  • Facilitate agile and transparent goal management that keeps up with the changing pace and demands of your organization and track progress in ongoing check ins.
  • Gather 360-degree feedback from across the organization and beyond and encourage real-time and social recognition to drive engagement.
  • Tailor custom performance evaluations to your specific organizational needs, creating iterations for different departments, regions or however you see fit.
  • Benefit from comprehensive performance analytics that empower you to make better data-driven decisions.
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Capitalize on Internal Mobility to Drive Agility

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can take control of their careers and managers can find the right talent to fill business-critical internal opportunities. Combine Avature Internal Mobility algorithms with other solutions to support proactive and holistic mobility programs, upskilling and redeploying key talent based on your company’s strategic imperatives.

With Avature Mobility you can:

  • Empower employees to build comprehensive profiles that capture their skills and interests. Enrich them with data gathered at every point of the employee lifecycle.
  • Create a unique approach to skills matching, opportunity recommendations and personalized training thanks to Avature’s extensive AI expertise.
  • Deliver an engaging and seamless talent marketplace experience that enables employees to progress through personalized career paths.
  • Make data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and analytics to more accurately assess the eligibility of applicants for opportunities.
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Foster Authentic Employee Engagement

Stimulate employee engagement while unifying company-wide talent management initiatives – from wellness to professional development. Avature DNA is a one-stop-shop for a sophisticated, modern and multi-level talent management experience.

With Avature DNA you can:

  • Allow employees to showcase their work experience, skills and current contribution to the organization.
  • Enable a channel for employees to connect with each other and discover people who could collaborate with them on a task.
  • Create customizable employee profiles and collect key information about your employees.
  • Target content and job opportunities to employees based on information collected throughout the whole employee life cycle (onboarding, performance, succession, etc.).
  • Automate announcements about new hires, mobility and achievements.


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Get Set For the Future With Succession Planning

With Avature Succession Planning, you can withstand the constant flux of global workforce challenges with an engaging planning platform that enables you to assess internal talent, build pipelines of potential successors for a role and develop employees so they are ready to take over.

With Avature Succession Planning you can:

  • Tailor your succession planning process, from nomination to evaluation of readiness for the role.
  • Identify critical skills and competencies for key roles within the organization.
  • Build and manage internal talent pools of successors for a role, department or division.
  • Maintain customized talent profiles for people identified as potential fits.
  • Keep track of nominees’ statuses and report on succession pipelines.


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