Create a Seamless Transition From Applicant to Employee

Providing a good and consistent candidate experience should not end after the offer. Ninety percent of new hires decide if they want to stay at a company during onboarding and a third will start looking for a new job if that initial impression and experience differs from what they were expecting. Often companies have focused so much attention on ensuring that candidates are taken care of during the hiring process, that they forget about the post-hire journey and experience. It’s important to create an onboarding program for new hires.

Designing a smooth candidate onboarding process that takes into account everything from efficiently completing paperwork and ensuring all technology is ready for the new starter, to defining their training timetable and meeting everyone that they’ll be working with should be a priority and integral part of your candidate engagement strategy. Having an onboarding solution that automates many of the steps within the hiring onboarding process will help you continue to provide a high-touch and on-brand experience for new hires.

We realized that Avature could be the jumping-off point for onboarding, internal mobility, referrals. It was a no-brainer really.

Cara Perlow

Manager, Recruiting Systems & Operations

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Avature Advantage

– Engage new hires with a social and personalized onboarding experience. With Avature Onboard you can foster integration and drive productivity.
With this solution you can:

  • Automate
  • Track
  • And streamline every step of the onboarding process.

– Allow new hires to complete a list of activities via the portal before their first day:

  • Get to know their teams.
  • Fill out and file paperwork.
  • Schedule trainings.
  • Plan their route to work.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how Avature technology is helping industry giants create a seamless new hire onboarding experience to build a positive end-to-end candidate journey for its latest employees.

Epic ensures that new talent stays engaged even when candidates are hired up to a year before their starting date. With Avature DNA, the organization allows its staff to have a centralized, professional tool to help network and start meeting their future coworkers before going on-site.

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Cisco automated and digitized the new hire experience across 100 countries with Avature to create a consistent first impression and low maintenance process for its TA team.

REI swapped paper forms for the Avature Onboarding solution. Fully branded and fun, it created a motivating experience for new hires from day one.

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