Leverage the Knowledge of Your Senior Recruiters

Becoming a Boolean master takes time – something you don’t tend to have when it comes to high-volume recruiting! To get less experienced sourcers up and running quickly, you should tap into the knowledge and expertise of your more senior recruiters by getting them to share their most effective search terms for sourcing candidates.

As well as on-the-job mentoring and training, by creating an easily accessible library of powerful Boolean search strings, junior colleagues can get ahead in the hunt for ideal candidates and elevate your team output through effective strategic sourcing.

This is a great example of how to drive collaboration within your team. For more tricks and tips, check out our dedicated stakeholder collaboration page.

Avature Advantage

Help your recruiters share knowledge with Avature’s Search Criteria Library. They can save the powerful Boolean strings that return the strongest search results of qualified candidates so junior recruiters can use them too.

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