Make Your Corporate Career Page Work Harder

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You should already have a career site that enables interested candidates to see job vacancies, apply for open opportunities or register for your talent community. But good career pages showcase your employer brand and offer insights into what it’s like to work for your organization. Sixty-seven percent of candidates visit your company website before they apply for a job. So, why not give them what they are looking for?

Information on your values and company culture are extremely important, as well as employee testimonials. You could consider integrating Glassdoor reviews on your corporate career page to give them authentic access to your employees’ opinions. This level of transparency can do wonders for your employer brand!

The best company career pages offer a branded, candidate-friendly experience that inspires job seekers. An important part of this is ensuring that your career page design is mobile-optimized. After all, many job searches start from people’s phones. Including rich media, such as videos can help grab their attention.

Career site personalization is a great way to take your efforts to the next level. Rather than showing generic content to everyone, serve up relevant content and jobs related to their interests, online behaviour, such as recent search activity, or current location.

The feedback we’ve received from candidates around the career site optimization has been resoundingly positive. We’ve had twenty year veterans, as well as new entrants into the job force, say remarkably the same thing: ‘It’s easy, it’s fast, you ask for the right information at the right time and you engaged with me quickly.

Nathan Van de Voorde Director of Global Talent Acquisition Operations

Avature Advantage

  • With Avature, you can build award-winning career sites with ease and include multimedia, such as videos or images, on any page. The platform allows you to fully personalize the look and feel of your talent community to reflect company branding, so you can ensure consistency across all your communication channels.
  • Based on filters set by the candidate, Avature enables you to dynamically showcase relevant job opportunities to specific candidates, as well as content that brings your company culture, values and benefits to life, creating a personalized experience for each individual talent. They can actively search for a role or the site can show relevant roles based on their browsing history, other similar positions and location.
  • Avature’s job-candidate matching algorithm allows candidates to upload their CV or use their social profile to get job recommendations based on their work experience and skills.

Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are taking advantage of Avature career sites to convert top talent.

Indeed has successfully leveraged their brand through their Avature career site. To see how, we invite you to discover their career site.

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ABF Freight’s career site welcomes its visitors with a 16 second background video that showcases their activity, employees, facilities and technology (an ArcBest company).

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Focused on delivering an optimized and personalized visitor experience, L’Oréal offers recommended jobs based on a variety of criteria, such as candidate’s location and previous search history. Check out their site for yourself!

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