Measure How Successfully You Are Hiring Diverse Talent

The benefits of hiring a diverse workforce are well documented. But before you can make any progress towards creating a more inclusive organization, it’s essential to audit your current process for hiring diverse talent. An important part of this process is identifying the obstacles impeding your ideal goal. At what stage is the problem located? Is it a sourcing issue or are you losing candidates along the way?

Next, identify the metrics you want to improve. The easiest way to improve the D&I outcomes of your hiring processes is to choose one metric at a time and focus on driving change. For example: Increase the percentage of women in software development roles by 15 percent within the next six months.

After you have executed your actions towards a more inclusive TA process, go back to the metric and goal you identified for hiring diverse talent. Assess if you reached your goal. Evaluate which strategies were effective, and which ones weren’t, and re-iterate your process. Only once you see true results can you consider your next objective.

By breaking down progress and holding your organization accountable for incremental steps, you’re much more likely to ingrain the process of hiring diverse employees into your talent acquisition organization. And having access to real-time data that demonstrates the progress you have made towards creating an inclusive culture will keep motivation up.

Avature Advantage

  • With Avature’s diversity hiring dashboard you can quickly report on the most relevant KPIs to ensure your company’s D&I health. Employee ethnicity distribution, male/female annual salary, and employee age and gender distribution are just a couple of the metrics you can report on.
  • With the Avature custom report builder (or aided by an Avature specialist) you can build and keep track of your key diversity metrics over time and use reported real-time data to optimize your approach to diversity recruiting.
  • Dashboards help visualize your results and can be created for each stakeholders, displaying only information relevant to them.

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10%increase in female applicants

CBRE leveraged Avature to build a diversity strategy for their most diverse region: Asia-Pacific and saw a 10 percent increase in female applicants for leadership positions as a result.

William Blair uses four different reports to keep an eye on diversity at every step of the process. They take into account gender, ethnicity and race. Over time, they can identify if any minority is not applying to the company.

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