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In a recent study, seventy-five percent revealed that they were never, or rarely ever, asked for feedback on the hiring process after they applied. Measuring the candidate experience you’re delivering and having tight feedback loops is imperative to the continuous improvement of the recruitment process. Design a candidate experience feedback questionnaire you can use to analyze your Net Promoter Score (NPS) over time.

While you must be mindful of survey fatigue, the information you receive from candidates should have a material impact on processes moving forward. Timing is crucial: wait a few weeks before asking a candidate for feedback. For those who have been rejected, their immediate emotional response will have calmed down by then, making the feedback more objective. You can set up a step in your workflow to automatically send out the form you’d like candidates to fill out after some time has gone by.

The candidate experience has definitely really improved since we’ve implemented Avature. We’ve been able to configure different surveys that go out depending on the disposition reasons so that if we didn’t move forward with someone, we can send them a candidate experience survey.

Tayler Berry

Talent Acquisitions Systems Analyst

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Avature Advantage

Build your candidate experience survey with Avature forms. Schedule a completion request as part of your workflow and automate the feedback process!

Invite candidates to complete the web form via email or SMS.

– Leverage the Avature custom report builder or an Avature specialist to build the NPS report for you.

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40 pointincrease in NPS

A UK media company increased candidate NPS by 40 points in just six months by redesigning the candidate experience with Avature. This included giving applicants the ability to give recruiters real-time feedback.

As a measure to constantly improve the interviewing process, L’Oréal USA gives the option for candidates to provide feedback about their application experience.

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