Improving Engagement to Create a Good Candidate Experience

You’ve filled your talent pipeline with quality talent that you’ve actively sourced or who have signed up to your talent community, but what to do now? Ghosting candidates is more harmful than not having a talent community in the first place. While you may not have time to contact each candidate individually, it’s fundamental to set up a structured engagement schedule and to leverage personalized automation to create a positive candidate experience.

Leverage automation to engage with candidates at scale through branded, periodical, value-adding communications.

But is candidate engagement and the candidate experience the same thing?

Candidate engagement is all your touchpoints across the hiring process and candidate journey. Every time top talent interacts with your organization as an employer, whether it’s job descriptions on your career site, an interview with a hiring manager, their job offer, or being asked to complete a candidate feedback form. Your team has agency over candidate engagement and can ensure that they are creating a great and efficient candidate experience.

The candidate experience is what actually happens and its impact on how the candidate then feels towards your recruiting process, organization and employer brand.

Setting up a structured approach to candidate engagement and experience is key: it makes communication consistent, amplifies the effect of your sourcing efforts and elevates the way candidates interact with your company. Take a look at our best practices and infographic below for inspiration and practical tips and tricks.

Creating a positive candidate experience

Fifty-eight percent of global candidates admit that a negative experience makes them less likely to buy a company’s products or services. It’s clear: the business implications of candidate experience go above and beyond hiring. So, how do you ensure a positive candidate experience on a consistent basis?

Engaging hard-to-reach talent

Whether the COVID crisis has made your hard-to-reach talent risk-averse or you are targeting the same candidates as other market leaders, capturing the attention of top talent should remain one of the biggest concerns for talent acquisition teams. A robust sourcing strategy will help you find your ideal candidates, but what comes next? How do you pique and keep their interest, and how can you effectively attract employees from competitors?

Industry Leaders in Action

See for yourself! Check out the impressive results achieved by these industry leaders by creating a positive candidate experience.

29%Qualified candidates

The percentage of qualified applicants that applied to Philips rose by 29 percent in a single quarter after it gamified pre-screening and hyper-personalized engagement.

Philips logo.

83%Open rate achieved

A Fortune 500 company achieved an 83 percent open and 51 percent click-through rate by letting candidates choose communication frequency and having updates that take no more than one minute to complete.

Pandora created an end-to-end engagement campaign to promote an event they hosted to recruit hard-to-find technical talent in Atlanta that outperformed expectations.

Pandora Media logo.

Iron Out the Engagement Kinks to Improve the Candidate Experience

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