Consolidate Processes and Information With a Centralized Recruitment Tool

There’s nothing more damaging for collaboration than inadequate technology that creates barriers and silos between teams. Without common access to information, teamwork is much harder to achieve. Invest in technology that facilitates the flow of information between different stakeholders without integration pains.

The best solutions in the market offer tailored experiences to each stakeholder within the same platform. Not only does this make it much easier for diverse and dispersed teams to work together, but it also drives adoption. After all, you can’t expect a hiring manager to get their head around a complex platform when they only use it sporadically when they need to hire. By providing them with a simple and intuitive portal, they are much more likely to carry out the tasks you need them to, such as reviewing candidates.

A hiring manager portal with actions to perform on candidates at different stages of their application process.
The restrictive best of breed approach of the early 2000s seems to be dying off. It’s now ‘give me one system, one platform that can do everything together and provide the best candidate experience’. The industry has realized that integrations don’t work well and that they break down. They provide a harder path for processes. When you put it all together under a single umbrella, it lightens the manual load and creates a better experience for everybody.

Alex Bender

Consulting Manager

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Avature Advantage

– Avature’s one-platform approach provides our customers with a full suite of best-in-class talent acquisition solutions with a single login while providing a consistent, powerful experience to all the key stakeholders in the talent lifecycle. Not to mention the invaluable access to real-time data insights that are often elusive in disparate talent ecosystems.

– Simplify communication between recruiters and hiring managers with the Avature Hiring Manager Portal. Use it to:

  • Review candidates
  • Provide feedback
  • Extend offers

– Need to manage multiple systems simultaneously? Our powerful integrations framework allows for both out-of-the-box and custom integrations so your information is synced in all places.

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Check out how Avature has transformed the recruitment process for these industry leaders by centralizing talent acquisition.

400Hours saved annually

By consolidating their career and talent community sites into a single portal, KPMG saved their team 400 hours each year. It also improved the candidate experience, helping KPMG win various CandE awards.

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20%Increased referrals

CBS swapped paper referrals for a fully-branded site that’s integrated with its internal career site with Avature. Since going live, referrals have gone up by 20 percent. And no referral resumes get lost anymore!

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48%Increased response rate

After each hire, ABB hiring managers are sent a short survey using Avature forms to gauge their satisfaction with the recruiter or sourcer. Hiring manager response rates skyrocketed from zero to 48 percent with Avature.

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