Leverage Diversity Events to Engage Minority Groups

Events are one of the most compelling ways to communicate your employer value proposition to potential candidates. No matter who the audience is, getting a chance to meet face-to-face or via an online event is a unique opportunity for engagement. You have their undivided attention so make it count.

By focusing on inclusion and growth – rather than on filling roles – a diversity event can represent the opportune moment to attract the minority groups that you want to hire. Think about organizing an in-house or virtual event, or sponsoring or hosting an external community event aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities of specific groups.

As part of a broader diversity recruiting strategy, this is a soft approach that shows diverse talent that you are invested in them and want them to join your organization. Make sure that you follow up in a meaningful way after the event. Think about sharing thought leadership articles, corporate news related to your diversity and inclusion efforts, or spotlight interviews with colleagues.

Avature Advantage

  • Create branded sign-up pages for people to pre-register for events or to sign-up onsite.
  • Construct dedicated landing pages from scratch with the Avature Landing Page Builder.
  • Feeling creative? Design an entire new concept to attract talent with the Avature Theme Builder for Landing Pages.
  • On a time crunch? Make a copy of an existing page and update the content on the fly.
  • Empower your recruiters on-site with our CRM functionality and mobile app specifically adapted for events: meet the Avature Events Management Solution. From OCR resume parsing to providing feedback and scheduling interviews on the go, recruiters can keep tabs on the most diverse and valuable talent in an event and save their precious time to establish meaningful contact with them.

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