Create Talent Pools That Support Your Diversity Strategy

Now, more than ever, organizations across the world are seriously starting to think about how to source diverse talent. It might seem like common sense, but it is nonetheless critical: diversity has to start early in the sourcing and recruiting process. Only with rich talent pools that form a strong foundation for your strategy do you stand a chance of achieving your diversity and inclusion goals – in any area of your business. It’s funnel logic.

To ensure there are multiple qualified minority candidates in your final pool, your talent acquisition teams must focus on sourcing more minority candidates early on. Known as the “two in the pool effect”, the Harvard Business Review discovered that if there are at least two minority candidates in the final candidate pool, the chances of hiring diverse talent increases dramatically.

Adopt a multi-channel approach: develop and promote dedicated talent community landing pages and set up email campaigns to enrich and diversify your talent pool. Reinforce your efforts not only through highly engaging visual elements but also by giving a sneak peek of where you stand as an organization in terms of diversity and where you intend to go.

As a next step, work to fill your pipelines with as many diverse candidates as possible. Start focusing on a skills-based, AI-powered approach to cross-match candidates and pipelines based on abilities and requirements, instead of leaning on just your recruiters’ criteria, which could be unconsciously biased

Avature Advantage

– Build talent pipelines full of diverse candidates:

  • Decide on your target groups.
  • Create specific landing pages for veterans, women, ethnic minorities or any other audience you would like to attract.
    • Create fully personalized themes with the Avature Theme Builder for Landing Pages to attract diverse talent and have them join your talent communities.
    • Promote your talent communities on social media natively from your Avature instance.
  • Showcase your D&I values, inclusive culture and opportunities.
    • Set up automated email campaigns that go straight into the inboxes of diverse talent and engage them with your efforts, including relevant employee stories and internal initiatives.

– Select diversity-specific job boards in your WebSources manager, which will automatically search and find you relevant resumes.

  • When building up specific pipelines, tap into Avature AI-powered recommendations to link candidates based on how close their profile matches the specific job’s requirements.
    • Avature’s approach to AI is white-box, meaning that recruiters have full visibility into how it operates and even though suggestions are provided, recruiters still have complete power to disregard or accept the recommendation.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how some of the world’s leading companies use Avature to tackle diversity and inclusion challenges head-on, from diverse talent pools up.

Dell created a diversity landing page and shared a custom URL on social media sites inviting individuals to sign up. As their pipeline grew within Avature they could track success and ROI of their social media campaigns.

Dell logo.

With the help of Avature, ABB identified and tracked talent pool demographics before deciding which ones they wished to target and which strategies they deemed more effective to do so.

ABB logo.

A leading apparel brand launched an Avature-powered microsite to promote its diversity and inclusion values and beliefs. With resources for specific minority groups, this helps fill their talent pipelines with diverse candidates.

It’s Time to Build Diverse Talent Pools

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