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Drip Campaigns: A Guide to Nurturing Authentic Candidate Relationships


Drip campaigns offer a top-notch solution to develop long-lasting relationships with candidates, but they can be intimidating. Getting them right can be complicated and time-consuming. But don’t sweat it! We came up with a guide that makes authentic candidate engagement easier.

But first, what are drip campaigns?

They are NOT just personalized emails. They foster tangible relationships over time with candidates by automatically triggering a follow-up action based on how they behave and what they are interested in.

This playbook explains how to drip relevant content based on people’s actions, as well as the pitfalls that might be tripping you up and how to avoid them! You will learn how to segment your candidates into purposeful talent pipelines and how to have meaningful conversations with pre-qualified top talent.

Download this e-book and learn how to:

  • Build strong candidate personas so you effectively reach the most relevant profiles who will best embrace your company culture.
  • Trigger a follow-up action based on candidate behavior and their preferences.
  • Do some proactive sourcing: Putting yourself out there and engaging the talent that you will need in the future.
  • Re-engage candidates: Keeping silver medalists and eligible past employees warm.