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Fifty percent of global candidates expect applying for jobs to be as easy as buying products and services online and 61 percent of job seekers quit in the middle of an online application, which means providing low-friction registration and application methods on landing pages is key.

Think about the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn or shopping on Amazon for inspiration and capture information from the social media profile of their choice. According to some research, passive candidates are a better source of hire than active applicants. But they won’t necessarily have their CV up-to-date and at hand so don’t make the CV a requirement to avoid putting them off.

Candidates want an idea of how long the application will take to complete so be transparent. You could include a progress indicator that shows what percentage of the application has been completed, or advise how long an application will approximately take at the beginning of the process. The ability to save an ongoing application as a draft and complete it at a later date can also help to provide a great candidate experience.

Consider implementing a chatbot to help candidates find jobs more easily and respond to questions around the application process.

The application form on the career website was designed to be quick and easy for professionals to apply. It enabled a quick response to the initial bite. The feedback has been great - they saw the relevance and it gave us face-validity for what we’re trying to sell.

Sarah Wallace

Global Head of Early Careers

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Avature Advantage

Enable candidates to sign up using their profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with Avature Landing Pages, facilitating a seamless candidate experience.

– The Theme Builder for Landing Pages gives users more flexibility and control over the look and feel of their landing pages without the need for coding skills. This tool helps you deliver targeted content and a specific look and feel to different audience segments.

– Create the candidate experiences you envisioned for each of the audiences you seek to attract. With Avature’s highly configurable workflow engine, you can customize the application process to adapt to different seniority levels, regions, departments, or any other factor you deem relevant.

The candidate experience has definitely really improved since we’ve implemented Avature. The ease of being able to apply online via your phone, of sending in your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have your resume on hand. We’ve definitely seen an influx of candidates doing that.

Tayler Berry

Talent Acquisitions Systems Analyst

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how an easy application process transformed recruiting for these industry leaders with Avature.

KPMG reduced the number of fields on their application form by 50 percent and decreased drop-off rate.

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Indeed saves candidates time by using their existing profile on their site to pre-populate information. They also have a one-page application form to keep the whole experience short and smooth.

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REI hired 100 warehouse associates in just two days by having applicants share only their core information, such as location and shift availability. Even their resume was optional.

Don’t Miss Out on Top Talent With an Outdated Application Process!

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