Incorporate SMS for Recruitment to Boost Response Rates

Over 95 percent of text messages are read whereas the same is true for less than a third of emails. With this in mind, you might want to consider asking for feedback via SMS to drive completion. Bringing another channel into the mix can also help combat survey fatigue. But before you start, make sure to align your channels of communication to your personas. SMS is fairly informal and certain audiences might not consider it professional in the context of recruitment, so use it wisely to avoid any negative impact on the candidate experience.

Make sure you include the possibility to choose a preferred method of contact when candidates apply to a job or sign up to your talent community so that those that would be more open to conversion via the different forms of communication are contacted that way.

Avature Advantage

Send a short link via text to candidates with a link to your feedback survey with the built-in Avature SMS functionality, powered via your chosen SMS provider.

Leverage the functionality to text questions to candidates who then reply by SMS, depending on how you set up your survey.

Measure the effectiveness of your team’s SMS communications with the Avature SMS Dashboard. Engage with candidates and view individual user’s statistics such as:

  • Number of SMS messages over time
  • Total SMS sent
  • Average response time
  • SMS credit used
  • Geographical distribution

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Check out how SMS has transformed recruiting operations for these industry leaders!

Viasat sends top candidates they’ve met on campus an SMS to invite them to a follow-up networking event where they can get to know event volunteers and learn more about the company with great success.

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A US financial services and insurance company reaches out to candidates with an SMS if email has been unsuccessful, keeping the engagement opportunity alive and boosting response rates.

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