Why Avature Internal Mobility

Regardless of size, location or industry, the ability to retain key talent is crucial to any organization’s success. With Avature Mobility you can build agile programs that promote, relocate and rotate homegrown talent effectively within your company. You can easily match employees with professional opportunities that fulfill both their career interests and your company’s fast-changing goals and transition them smoothly from one job or function to another.

With Avature Mobility you can:

  • Allow employees to express their career interests
  • Create a custom and fully-branded internal career site for employees to apply for jobs
  • Build and manage internal talent pools based on employees’ skills, competencies, and interests
  • Establish a tailored approval process to release an employee for a new position
  • Advertise hot opportunities to a targeted group of employees based on their experience and preferences
  • Give transparency and visibility to your mobility program by announcing promotions and employees’ relocations