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An internal mobility website, with a search bar and a list of recommended opportunities for the user.

Why Avature Internal Mobility?

We know our customers are fighting to keep talented employees. With Avature Mobility, you can easily build agile programs that promote, rotate and reassign homegrown talent. Using Avature’s advanced machine learning algorithms, you can match employees with professional opportunities based on their career aspirations, skills and any other criteria relevant to you.

Beyond that, our solution can be combined with others in our portfolio to support proactive and holistic mobility programs, upskilling and redeploying key talent based on your company’s strategic imperatives. Employees can be transitioned smoothly from one job or function to another using Avature’s configurable workflows and approval processes. The solution is ideal for large-scale restructurings, post-merger staff optimization and spin-outs.

There are several examples in different parts of the mobility process where we’ve been able to adapt this program as opposed to going with a single offer, keeping in mind different factors such as cultural sensitivity in different countries. I never thought of having a solution that is so flexible and adaptable. If you sign up with Avature, you will be really able to design solutions the way you want.”

Niilesh Bhoite - Chief Digital Officer for the Global HR Function, L’Oréal

An employee profile listing their personal information, skills, work experience and recommended open positions.

Comprehensive Employee Profiles

Align with business opportunities by empowering employees to enrich their profiles with skills, experience, areas of interest, willingness to relocate, and more. Furthermore, you can leverage Avature’s sophisticated AI tools to automatically enable employees to populate their skills sections. Once captured, consolidate all employee-related information in one place to fully overview the talent within your organization.

This employee data can be gathered at all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle to customize employee profiles further. All while using Avature’s robust integration framework to import data from your HRIS, LMS and other systems.

Two screens show a candidate search and a list of recommended opportunities for the employee.

Harness the Power of Skills With AI

Couple Avature’s extensive AI expertise with custom filters to create a unique approach to opportunity matching. Our expansive skills ontology provides relevant opportunity recommendations to employees while highlighting skills gaps that can be filled with personalized training programs. Skills validation steps can also be added to the application process to verify key credentials.

But skills matching is just one piece of the puzzle. Our platform allows HR teams to factor in broader criteria such as location, education certificates and data from performance reviews, prioritizing them according to business objectives. These features provide a more comprehensive picture of an applicant’s eligibility, delivering a more tailored and thorough solution to upskill and rotate internal talent.

Agile Internal Talent Marketplace

An internal marketplace empowers employees to discover relevant opportunities for their career development while acting as a vital tool for managers to identify the talent they need for roles, projects or gigs within their teams. It enables employees to progress through personalized career paths with an engaging user experience and a smooth and straightforward application process.

Your fully branded and customized internal opportunity marketplace is the gateway for employees to gain visibility into necessary requirements to become eligible for opportunities within the organization. Powered by our white-box AI, the system intelligently links employees to relevant opportunities while granting full transparency of the process, allowing employees to understand and trust the steps behind the recommendations they receive.

Communication & Feedback

Use your internal mobility workflows to notify stakeholders at critical stages of each mobility process so employees can move efficiently to where they are most needed. Prompt recruiters to include mobility candidates in the recruiting process and ensure that hiring managers are kept up to date with mobility-related developments.

A diversity dashboard with various charts and graphs, and a mobile career site welcoming the user to a talent community.

Tear Down The Barriers and Build Inclusive Careers

Avature Internal Mobility gives you the tools to distribute and democratize access to opportunity equitably. Level the playing field within your organization through mobility recommendations encouraging underrepresented minorities to take the next step in their career. Mitigate unconscious bias through AI-powered recommendations to recruiters, blind screening and a skills-based approach to evaluating internal talent that allows hiring managers to bypass subjective criteria.

Adopt a 360° approach when assessing the current status of diversity and inclusion efforts. Leverage comprehensive reporting functionality for a data-driven approach and make every voice heard by leveraging employee feedback surveys. Aided by a diversity dashboard, you’ll also be able to provide your executives with insights into the inclusivity of your mobility program.

An internal mobility dashboard, with metrics such as employee turnover versus mobility rate and positions filled internally.

Robust Reports to Hone Your Mobility Program

Avature allows you to report on any element of your custom data model and processes. Make data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and analytics to assess applicants’ eligibility for all business opportunities more accurately. Understand the performance of your internal mobility programs by building reports showcasing skills gaps, skills distribution across the organization, percentage of positions filled internally, retention rates, voluntary turnover among high potentials and other customizable metrics. Break down these metrics by division, location, position type or other previously defined criteria.

Boost the Power of your Talent Management Practices

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Performance Management

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Contingent Workforce Management

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