Internal Mobility

Avature Mobility helps you discover and retain the talent within your organization.

Why Avature Internal Mobility

Regardless of size, location, or industry, retaining key talent is crucial to any organization’s success. With Avature Mobility you can build agile programs that promote, relocate, and rotate homegrown talent effectively within your company. You can easily match employees with professional opportunities that fulfill both their career interests and your company’s fast-changing goals. Employees can be transitioned smoothly from one job or function to another, ideal for large scale restructurings, post-merger staff optimization, and spin outs.

Create Comprehensive Employee Profiles

Avature allows you to consolidate all employee-related information in one single place to have a full overview of the talent within your organization. Employees’ information can be gathered through customizable employee profiles where they can publish their skills, experiences, areas of interest, willingness to relocate, and other information relevant for your business to capture. You also have the option to utilize Avature’s robust integration framework to import data from your HRIS, LMS, and other systems.

Leverage Powerful Search & Segmentation Capabilities

The most qualified candidates may not always come knocking on your door, so Avature allows you to proactively search your employee database to find the talent that already exists within your organization. You can run Google-like searches and build sophisticated lists of employees based on their department, flight risk, impact of loss, tenure, performance results, or any other element of your custom data model. Leveraging Avature’s fine-tuned segmentation capabilities, you can send targeted and fully branded communications or you can flag candidates to recruiters or hiring managers to give employees mobility opportunities aligned with their interests.

Bolster Your Mobility Program with an Internal Career Site

Your internal career site is the gateway for employees to discover new pathways within your company. To increase their engagement, Avature allows you to create a fully branded and customized internal career site with an application process aimed at internal applicants and with content relevant to them, such as information about the hiring manager and colleagues who work in the same department.

Customize Your Internal Mobility Workflow

With Avature, you can streamline the process of transitioning an employee from one role to another by automating notifications to request further information or to seek approval from the HR business partner, the hiring manager, and the current manager. This process can be tailored to your company’s policies and processes for your various mobility programs such as internal transfers, promotions, and global mobility.

Deliver a Constructive Employee Experience

Timely feedback and communication are critical to delivering a constructive employee experience and to reducing frustration at the disposition stage. With Avature, you can build a custom and automated disposition process that requires hiring managers to suggest development activities and trainings to better prepare the employee for their future role. Also, the system can be configured to enforce recruiters to review internal candidates before closing a position, so that you ensure that no employees are left hanging without proper feedback.

Build Robust Reports to Gain Insight into Your Mobility Programs

Avature allows you to report on any element of your custom data model and processes. For example, you can build reports to see the percentage of positions filled internally, retention rates, voluntary turnover among high potentials, and other metrics to know how your internal mobility programs are performing. You can break down these metrics by division, location, position type, or any other criteria that you define.