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An interview scheduling portal for candidates to select availability, and a mobile portal for recruiters to send invitations.

Why Avature Interview Scheduling?

Your recruiters should be talking to candidates and helping your organization hire top talent, not juggling the availability of candidates and hiring managers. Allow recruiters to focus on what they do best while we take care of aligning calendars.

Avature’s interview scheduling capabilities solve the number one pain point for recruiters across a wide range of scenarios, including one-to-one, group and panel interviews, full interview days and high-volume scheduling.

The Auto Scheduler automates the process by sequentially requesting availability from all stakeholders and selecting a time slot that works for all interview participants. Calendar integrations grant visibility of hiring manager schedules, removing one obstacle to efficient scheduling. A fully customizable, mobile-optimized and branded library of email templates ensures smooth communication of important interview information to all attendees, saving recruiters additional time.

We were able to reduce admin tasks and overall time-to-fill globally by seven days by removing the bottleneck of administration and improving communications with HMs.”

Andrea Morrison - Manager of Talent Acquisition, Opentext

Interview Scheduling Made Easy

The Auto Scheduler helps streamline interview scheduling when multiple stakeholders are involved at all stages of the hiring process. Our top-notch automation capabilities take care of your organization’s scheduling tasks, saving coordinators valuable time and effort.

Allow candidates to schedule interviews according to recruiters’ and hiring managers’ availability. If there is a cancellation, the system notifies all stakeholders, ensuring the rescheduling process remains as easy and time-efficient as possible.

Smooth Integrations With Your Calendar

The power of Avature Interview Scheduling comes from our comprehensive calendar integrations allowing recruiters to overcome the most significant obstacles. And with two different ways to integrate other systems, you can decide on the best way to grant your team visibility.

The Avature Calendar feed lets you visualize Avature tasks and events on your preferred calendar, with real-time updates to keep you on top of any changes to your schedule. Alternatively, as it integrates with Microsoft EWS, Microsoft Office 365 and Google, you can import your users’ schedules from those systems into Avature. This way, recruiters can check if a user is available, busy or out of the office.

Avature Calendar provides a clear view of all upcoming events, which you can filter by assignees, jobs or related candidates. To reschedule an event, just drag and drop it to another date. Avature then automatically notifies all parties involved.

An event's edit page in the main application, showing the date, time, location and guests for the event.

Avature’s Fundamental Scheduling Capabilities

  • Schedule one-on-one interviews by creating events within Avature and defining an interviewer and a candidate. You can also customize the event to include important information (such as the location), set a time zone and program personalized email reminders.
  • Add multiple guests and turn your one-on-one interview into a group interview to evaluate how candidates interact with each other.
  • Set up panel interviews by adding several interviewers to your events and gather feedback from multiple sources.
A calendar showing an all-day event of consecutive interviews, with multiple time slots and assignees.

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

High-Volume Scheduling

Creating large events with many candidates, such as information sessions or group interviews is a significant time-saver, although it involves a lengthy and complicated process of reaching out to multiple stakeholders. With Avature, you can invite and register attendees from your portal on your desktop or mobile. You can also set capacity limits for each event, avoiding overbooking.

Interview Days Have Never Been So Simple To Organize

Screening a group of candidates in a short time frame is a complex operation. Scheduling the interviews is even tougher. Spare your recruiters the burden by automating the scheduling process with Avature. Leveraging a mobile-optimized portal, interviewers can provide their availability from which candidates then select a suitable time. This eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

The Avature calendar, showing different time slots for multiple interviews on the same day with three candidates.

Simplify Consecutive Interview Scheduling

Conducting multiple interviews in one day can save time for recruiters, interviewers and candidates alike. But coordinating various, often conflicting, schedules is a headache.

With Avature, recruiters can create time slots from which candidates select a timeframe for their interviews from a mobile-optimized portal. Accommodating as many candidates as possible, Avature automatically schedules multiple screenings with different interviewers, optimizing everybody’s time.

A flow chart depicting a workflow that contains automated emails for different steps of the interview process.

Expedite Getting the Right Talent to the Next Round

Top candidates move fast and wait for no one. Finding the right person for a job often requires multiple interviews, which demands coordination and efficiency. To facilitate interview round scheduling, Avature can automatically progress candidates based on interviewer feedback, emailing them to request availability or inviting them to self-schedule the next interview.

Seamless Candidate Experience

Keep candidates in the loop and allow them to book, reschedule and cancel their interviews from an intuitive portal. Send them notifications and invitations via their preferred communication channel and add upcoming events to their calendars. Ensure a seamless experience across all touchpoints thanks to advanced branding capabilities.

The Avature calendar's Check Availability feature showing attendees' availability before scheduling an interview.

Spare Your Recruiters the Draining Back-and-Forth

Unleash recruiting power by providing the necessary tools to handle the most time-consuming tasks. Once recruiters have selected attendees, Avature automation takes care of the rest so they can schedule interviews in just a few clicks. Plus, Avature provides a snapshot of all upcoming interviews from all active requisitions.

Give Your Hiring Managers the Advantage They Deserve

With Avature, Hiring Managers can sync their availability to the platform, so picking a time is as easy as it gets. They receive notifications and reminders automatically with links to all the information they need to access during the interview.

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