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Only 52 percent of candidates receive an offer within less than a week after the final interview is complete and almost a third of candidates have rejected an offer because they took another one instead. With that in mind, time is of the essence and extending an offer as quickly as possible is not only an important step in delivering a positive candidate experience, but can ensure you don’t miss out on hiring your preferred candidate after all the hard work.

Efficient internal procedures can make all the difference, so take advantage of pre-approved offer templates, digital offer letters and an automated approval process to keep things moving sleekly.

Avature Advantage

Automate the approval process with Avature ATS. Set in motion the extension of an offer with the click of a button!

Build intricate workflows that trigger the necessary approvals and deliver an excellent candidate experience without skipping any necessary steps.

Store digital offer letters and offer templates within your Avature library so recruiters have the tools at hand to close the requisition at speed.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how industry leaders are leveraging Avature technology to make a swift offer and improve recruiting processes.

97%template-based offers

Cisco used Avature to create a template-based offer process for 97 percent of its offers worldwide. With e-signing, it has cut the average amount of time it takes to accept an offer by two days.

Cisco logo.

REI deals with high-volume sourcing twice a year. Rather than starting from scratch, an offer is made immediately to eligible rehires, cutting time to fill significantly.

A US insurance company uses automation to send candidates an invite to self-select what information session to attend to meet leadership and learn more. Offers are extended that same day.

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