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A portal showing a list of requests created by a user with details such as request number, creation date, request type and status.

Why Avature HR Case Management?

Issue management should be a core capability of every HR operation. The right system allows HR managers to easily go beyond self-service when appropriate and offer a well-managed, high-touch spectrum of support services that respect the criticality of the issues requiring resolution.

Unlike conventional IT case management systems, which are based on the ITIL model for help desks, Avature HR Case Management recognizes that people issues can be exceedingly complex, often cannot be resolved by HR alone, and may require a series of cascading actions to mitigate risk and retain operational capabilities.

Our solution allows you to support a greater variety of problems with a fully bespoke configuration based on your company’s operating model. It also enables HR to collaborate effectively with line managers, legal, payroll and accounting teams, as well as other stakeholders, including external counsel and healthcare providers. This way, they can resolve issues quickly for each employee’s benefit.

The automation within Avature has been one of the biggest eye-opening pieces of the Avature offering. It has allowed us to save hours of typically manual processes and those hours have obviously translated into money savings as well.”

Gina Drew - Senior IT Manager

Scale High-touch Services with Automation

Efficiently managing workforce-related issues improves company performance. With Avature, HR managers can easily automate a full range of processes, from basic enrollments and leave of absence requests to complex investigations using a structured case and sub-case hierarchy and our configurable workflow engine.

Combined with a customized data model and portals designed for specific user communities, these tools allow HR to collect and distribute data and documents, manage approvals, survey stakeholders and route cases based on type, allowing HR to transform the way they interact with the workforce digitally.

An Employee Service Center portal with common requests, a search bar and a chat window with a service representative.

Help Employees Help Themselves

Allow your HR team to spend their time focusing on complex issues by providing employees with a frictionless, hyper-personalized and fully branded portal experience where they can quickly find answers to their questions, open cases and track resolution. Easily configure an AI-powered chatbot to respond to common questions and share relevant materials from a customized knowledge base built using a large language model.

A custom, auto-generated email that demonstrates how Avature's workflow capabilities can create engaging recruitment processes.

Avature CRM Features Make Employee Communication Easy

The ability to communicate to multiple stakeholders about mitigations, workarounds and resolutions goes well beyond traditional case management and requires a sophisticated multichannel communication capability only found in a robust CRM.

The Avature solution provides all the tools needed to segment your workforce based on both case and person record data. You can segment, and message impacted employees quickly and easily with standardized templates or fully customized messages.

Real-time, multichannel communication and user-specific dashboards put HR issues at the fingertips of daily operations managers and build their relationship with HR Generalists and other members of the HR team.

The Avature Platform showing a case management dashboard with various metrics such as cases by category and by department.

Bring Clarity to HR Service Delivery

Our Case Management solution leverages Avature’s full journaling, user-specific dashboards, and reporting features, including a programmable (JSON) report builder, to provide clarity and support discovery. Case and sub-case metrics, reports on stakeholder involvement, resolution approvals and a range of other actions are easily tracked and shared with a variety of teams involved in operations and risk management activities.

This way, reports and dashboards provide actionable insights, helping your team identify trends and frequently occurring cases, prevent future incidents and make better, data-driven decisions.

Uncover service delivery gaps, keep managers up to date on case progression and reallocate case load to ensure that HR generalists can deliver quality service throughout the entire organization. Tags can help highlight serious, top-priority cases so you can treat them accordingly.


Champion Compliance and Confidentiality

The Avature solution provides the features you need to ensure the high level of confidentiality and discretion required to deal with sensitive HR issues. Robust role-based access control for users and groups, field-level encryption, and anonymous reports make the generalist's job easier and improve the stakeholder experience. Ultimately, structured incident management and clear audit trails provide the transparency needed to protect the company from legal and non-compliance risks.

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