Drive Candidate Engagement on Autopilot With Automated Recruitment Marketing

Make sure strong passive candidates don’t get lost in the system if they’re not currently open to new opportunities by putting them on “snooze”. Set up automatic reminders to contact them after a predefined period of time or send periodic content marketing campaigns to maintain contact. As with sourcing, automating engagement means that your recruiters can focus their energies on connecting with candidates face-to-face or getting creative to elevate your CRM strategy.

Avature Advantage

  • Set up automatic recruitment marketing drip campaigns with Avature that are sent when certain engagement conditions are met, whether it’s time, source, pre-screening score or another criteria that you’re after.
  • Scheduled Actions allows you to set up one-off or longer-term drip campaigns which is a targeted way to engage with candidates based on their behavior with your outreaches.
  • Easily set up reminders within the system to get back in touch with top talent. Avature’s delayed workflow actions can also be used to schedule future contact.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Check out the impact that automating recruitment marketing engagement with Avature has had for these industry giants.

99%open rate achieved

A French food and facilities management company got closer to candidates with personalized automated communications that included very specific variables. It achieved a 99 percent open and 94 percent CTR rate.

A UK media and telecommunications company created bespoke workflows with valuable content and branded emails that resulted in 3300 candidates moving from aware to interested.

60%Reduced cost per hire

Recruiters at a US video game and software developer company are automatically notified when candidates sign up via one of four landing pages. It has cut cost per hire by 60 percent.

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