Streamline Handoffs for Improved Stakeholder Collaboration

From screening to approval, interview scheduling to offer, there are so many handoffs between different stakeholders throughout the hiring process. Each represents a risk to the smooth running of your high-volume recruiting process. Managed poorly, these moments can create conflict and a breakdown of trust, hindering collaboration between stakeholders and affecting your ability to hire. Afterall, delays in the process reduce your ability to extend offers quickly and candidates are often choosing between a few different options.

Carry out an audit of your processes to identify when handoffs are happening and then consider how you could automate them. Consider setting up notifications, automated email or SMS reminders to keep everyone on track, and triggered step updates that move the candidate seamlessly between stakeholders as you intended.

Often hiring process breakdown occurs when information is lost amongst a sea of emails. Hiring manager portals mitigate this problem by providing a centralized one-stop-shop where hiring managers can access candidate information, see the actions they need to take, provide feedback on the go and move candidates along in the process.

The Hiring Manager Portal has provided a great service to our hiring managers, it’s really developed the relationship between them and the recruiters. Now everybody has a lot more access and visibility throughout the recruiting process.

Tayler Barry

HR Generalist

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Avature Advantage

Make life easier for hiring managers with a Hiring Manager Portal.

  • Grant them access to candidate resumes.
  • Enable them to add feedback.
  • Help them keep track of their favorite candidates with a scoring system.
  • And more!

Integrate automated reminders for all stakeholders within your Avature workflows so the interview process runs smoothly.

– Since hiring managers tend to have busy agendas, help them avoid double-booking time slots with Avature Interview Scheduling.

  • They can see their own commitments straight from their Avature or external calendar when they provide their availability for events and interviews, helping avoid cancellations that could leave a negative impression on candidates.

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The Avature Hiring Manager Portal has helped the TA team at OpenText better support and strategically partner with the business. They close about 2000 requisitions annually and serve over 800 unique hiring managers.

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By streamlining processes for all stakeholders with Avature, Cisco has seen drastic improvements in productivity and hiring manager experience.

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CBRE automated 100 percent of handoffs between recruiters, hiring managers and other internal stakeholders with Avature, resulting in a much more streamlined process.

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