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An ATS home page displaying recruiting tasks dashlets, and a hiring manager portal that shows a summary of pending tasks.

Hire Better Talent, Faster

Outperforming legacy HR systems by a wide margin, the configurability and responsiveness of Avature ATS make it the perfect choice for complex organizations undergoing digital transformations. Easily configured to support executive, professional and hourly recruiting, it allows you to centralize all your candidate data in a single database.

Our state-of-the-art workflow engine and machine learning features support highly automated processes – from requisition approval to offer letter creation – that meet the specific needs of stakeholders across all your regions and brands, making recruiters more productive and freeing up time to sell the opportunity.

Our comprehensive reporting module allows you to provide clarity on global staffing issues and program successes to both your team and executive management, and our predictive analytics uncovers critical insights that help you meet your strategic HR objectives.

The Full-Suite Option

Combine Avature ATS with our industry-leading CRM and social onboarding solutions for a comprehensive recruiting suite. It simplifies recruiter training, centralizes valuable candidate data and makes compliance easier. Our one-database model, AI tools and configuration management features enhance the user experience for your team.

One critical reason why we chose Avature ATS was to create a holistic data model that supports both the pipelining of prospects as well as the handling of active applications. Avature enables a seamless integration where it matters. It is the agile and responsive backbone to our TA technology landscape, supporting our candidates, recruiters and hiring managers along the entire recruiting journey.”

Dr. Sebastian Hubert, HR Director

A career portal showing a search bar and new jobs, and a microsite containing multiple ways for a candidate to apply for a job.

Bespoke Career Sites Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

You don’t get a second chance at first impressions.

Promote your corporate identity and employer value proposition with accessible, content-rich websites using our fully customizable (any layout, any style) portal framework. Avature’s built-in content management system (CMS) allows you to change content, including rich media, quickly and easily to promote engagement and return visits.

Offer a streamlined application process integrated with social profiles or build out a collection of bespoke application processes based on employee type. It’s your choice.

Further improve the candidate experience with AI-driven job recommendations based on skills, experience or location, and provide each candidate with a personal page where they can mark their favorite jobs, create job alerts and track the status of their applications.

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

On-demand Machine Learning Empowers Recruiters

Leverage AI power for semantic search, shortlisting and predictive analytics.

Benefit from the Built-in Knowledge of Semantic Search

Avature’s intuitive multi-lingual semantic search compensates for poorly constructed Boolean search strings, limited knowledge of technical jargon and misspellings, turning novice recruiters into experts.

Save Time Shortlisting with Suggested Candidates

Robust matching and ranking features that recommend candidates based on their job descriptions and skills allow recruiters to quickly identify the best talent.

Improve Forecasting and Optimize the Hiring Process

Using historical data, our predictive analytics gives recruiters on-the-spot insights into prior searches and improves their ability to forecast, plan and execute searches for specific job types or hiring managers.

A scheduling portal showing a calendar and available interview time slots, and an email inviting a candidate to schedule an interview.

Streamline Hiring with Smart Automation

Automated Interview Scheduling

The Avature Auto Scheduler takes the hassle out of scheduling one-on-one, group and panel interviews by matching the availability of multiple participants and sending invites automatically. The bot’s preference-based brokering algorithm can be tweaked to favor busy hiring managers or hard-to-schedule applicants and is especially useful for managing cancelations and re-scheduling activities.

Screening Automation

Decrease recruiter workload and save hiring manager time with screening tools that score and rank applicants. Set weighted or knock-out questions for any requisition to quickly identify qualified candidates and let the system take care of the automatic disposition of those who don’t make the cut. You can easily integrate third-party assessments into your application process to aid screening further.

Automated Offer Management

Automatically generate offer letters and employment contracts from templates based on region, role or position and auto-populate them with data from job and person records. Fully brand your offer communications and use e-signatures for quick processing.

Two of Avature's diversity features: a dashboard with different graphs and metrics about inclusion, and a mobile career site for women in technology.

Support Inclusive Hiring

A diverse team is an innovative team. Avature provides a broad set of tools to support your D&I initiatives.

Reduce bias during the recruiting process with a hiring manager blind screening portal that hides sensitive data and highlights skills, scores and recruiter ratings. Embed training videos with tips and tricks for inclusive hiring practices into your stakeholder portals, and provide executives with progress reports showcasing your inclusive hiring process.

A dashboard displaying different metrics that reflect recruiter and sourcing productivity, along with pending tasks.

Gain Clarity On Your Recruitment Programs

Recruiter productivity, vendor statistics, D&I metrics and hiring manager activity reports all come together in a single and powerful analytics module. In addition to our comprehensive out-of-the-box reports, Avature supports sophisticated custom reports and embedded dashboards for controlled access to real-time data based on role.

Give your talent acquisition team the power to make strategic decisions based on:

  • Career site performance
  • Pipeline metrics
  • Time to fill
  • Cost per hire
  • Recruiter productivity
  • Diversity outcomes
A mobile microsite with a candidate's general information, and a mobile app displaying a recruiter's feedback on a candidate.

Expand Your Recruiting Toolkit

Video Interviews

Reduce scheduling efforts and eliminate travel costs with Avature Video Interview. Offer live or on-demand recorded interviews on fully branded, accessible and mobile-optimized portals.

Recruiter Mobile App

Speed up recruitment by allowing key stakeholders to perform essential recruiting tasks from their mobile devices – even while offline.

Campus Recruitment

Hire the next generation with our next-generation Campus Recruitment solution that makes it easier to engage students and graduates.

Employee Referrals

Tap into your employees’ networks and source hard-to-find talent with Avature Refer.

Agency Management

Control agency spend. Manage all agencies from a single portal where you can assign jobs based on past performance, prevent duplicate submissions and reduce fees.

We Make Avature The Safe Choice

Companies with complex structures, global footprints and strict security and compliance obligations choose Avature.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Our ATS allows you to define customized local and global compliance programs that significantly lower operational risks. Known for our configurability, we ensure that you can quickly meet changing regulatory requirements, especially data privacy laws.

Global Partner Network

Because the Avature platform offers a supplier-neutral integrations toolkit, you can connect to and operate with a broad range of third-party systems to build your ideal ecosystem. Choose from self-service, off-the-shelf or bespoke integration options and take control of your data flow and vendor ecosystem.

Migration Services

Avature takes the pain out of data migration. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of all the leading legacy ATS products and experience in migrating HR data. Our extensible data model makes custom fields immediately available in our APIs and our robust de-duplication import features are essential for multistage migrations.

Boost your Recruiting Power with Avature

Candidate Relationship Management

Avature pioneered the first CRM for talent acquisition and remains the global market leader for sourcing, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement.


Employee Onboarding

With the Avature Onboard solution, you can combine a step-by-step new hire process with an engaging social experience that fosters collaboration and increased productivity.


Contingent Workforce Management

The direct sourcing solution that leverages your brand to fill assignments faster and lower overheads.