Applicant Tracking System

Avature ATS redefines the user experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

Why Avature ATS? 

Avature Applicant Tracking System is a comprehensive enterprise solution that can manage executive, professional and hourly recruiting.

Avature’s one-platform model simplifies recruiter training, centralizes valuable candidate data and makes compliance easier to achieve.

Combine Avature ATS, Avature CRM and our groundbreaking social onboarding solution for the most comprehensive recruiting suite available today and transform your recruiting organization into a digital business inside your company.

The candidate experience has really improved since we’ve implemented Avature. The ease of being able to apply via your phone or by simply using your LinkedIn credentials is great - we’ve definitely seen an influx of candidates doing that. In addition the Hiring Manager Portal has provided a great service to our hiring managers, it’s really developed the relationship between them and the recruiters. Now everybody has a lot more access and visibility throughout the recruiting process.”

Tayler Barry
HR Generalist, NuVasive

Career Sites and the New Candidate Experience 

Replace outdated and unremarkable career sites and long application processes with a modern Web 2.0 experience. With Avature ATS you have the power to design brand-centric online experiences that drive candidate engagement and maximize conversion.

Avature supports having  multiple career sites. Using your CRM, you can segment and drive candidates to the right place based on your brands, as well as their skills and interests.

Avature ATS gives you complete control over your career sites’ style, navigation, application processes and data model. All Avature career sites support account creation with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter credentials, and candidates can easily import their social profiles as part of their application process. Avature career sites work on all major browsers and are fully mobile-optimized, ensuring that candidates can search and apply with ease from Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows devices.

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Job Templates & Approval Processes

Use Avature’s advanced Library to design, create, store, and share job templates across the global enterprise. Avature’s unique approval mechanisms and flexible event-driven workflows allow business analysts and program managers to create multiple approval processes based on changing business needs.

Powerful Search

Avature’s high-powered, full-text Boolean search breaks the speed record for recruiters, producing sub-second response rates on million-document data sets. Search in any language, including all double byte languages, such as Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian.

Combine custom operators such as “tag: guru” with standard Boolean strings and radius search for pinpoint accuracy, and share your best strings with teammates and junior recruiters using our Search String Library.

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Interview Scheduling

Take your interview scheduling to the next level with online advanced calendars that integrate with your workflow and publish to Outlook and Google automatically. Avature supports time blocking, first-come-first-serve, and other advanced features for high-volume schedule management.

Avature Video Interviews

Expand your recruiting process with on-demand video interviews that are fully integrated into your Avature platform. With Avature Video Interviews, videos become part of your database, making it a breeze to compare and identify top candidates. On top of that, it creates a better candidate experience by eliminating the necessity of redirecting applicants to a different website or portal.

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Screening, Assessment, and Offer Management

Avature ATS is a complete solution. It combines all the key essentials your team needs for an efficient process that moves the right candidates forward, including advanced profiling (with knockout questions) and feedback collection. Automated email messaging, journaling of all email correspondences, automatic notifications, auto-generation of offer letters and e-signature support, all working together to facilitate and speed up your talent acquisition processes.

Compliance Management

Define a global compliance program with complete audit trails.
Global data privacy - OFCCP - EEO and affirmative action reporting.

Recruiter Mobile App 

With Avature you can provide an end-to-end mobile optimized user experience and speed up the recruitment  process by allowing key stakeholders to perform essential recruiting tasks while on the go. In addition, recruiters can use the Avature Recruiter Mobile App to complete actions while offline, and sync with the system the next time they connect to the Internet.


Recruiter productivity, vendor statistics, and hiring manager activity reports all come together in a single and powerful analytics module. All the traditional reports you rely on can be easily replicated in the Avature system. You can also create reports that go far beyond the basics, Avature supports sophisticated reports and embedded dashboards for controlled access to real-time data based on role.

• Career site metrics
• Pipeline metrics
• Time to fill
• Cost per hire
• Recruiter productivity

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Partner Network

Use vendors with certified off-the-shelf integrations or bring your own vendors. With Avature’s robust REST and SOAP API suite, multiple vendors can be integrated quickly and easily. Connect with your preferred vendors and easily change vendors when and if you need to.

  • Background check
  • Reference check
  • Drugs
  • Tax credit screening
  • Behavioral and skills assessment
  • Video interviews
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Migration Services & Tools

No migration is trivial, but Avature makes migration manageable. Our extensible data model makes custom fields immediately available in our APIs, and our robust de-duplication import features are essential for multistage migrations. Our consultants have a deep knowledge of all the leading legacy ATS products and experience in migrating candidate records (including resumes), job records, and other process-specific data using standard file-transfer methods or our state-of-the-art web bots.