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Personalized User Experiences and Why They Matter

Whether it’s a physical tool, like a hammer, or a digital tool, like Avature, tools are just instruments designed to extend the abilities of users. This means that they’re only as good as the ability of people to use them comfortably and appropriately.

And just like carpenters choose their tools based on the job at hand, you need digital solutions that adapt to the needs of your business and employees. UX design is to digital tools what ergonomics are to traditional tools.

This means we don’t start by thinking about what the tool should be capable of, instead our design process begins by asking ourselves what a particular type of user wants to do, when they need to do it and how we can help them accomplish their goals faster and more reliably.

Hence why Avature has a customer-driven roadmap. Nobody can provide us with better answers to those questions than our own clients.

Tailored for Each Recruiting Stakeholder

This design philosophy bleeds into everything we do. We created a hiring manager portal because we understand that what hiring managers need is very different from what recruiters need.

For recruiters, our platform is at the center of everything they do on a daily basis and their tasks are extremely varied and complex. On any given day, recruiters might go from updating and improving your career sites to building mass personalized email campaigns to attract passive candidates. All the while keeping an eye on the status of multiple requisitions, reading new resumes, screening candidates and scheduling interviews.

On the other hand, nobody is a full-time hiring manager. Their day-to-day activities bear little resemblance to their recruiting responsibilities. Hence they need a way to create new requisitions, review resumes, interview candidates, provide feedback on said candidates and extend offers without disrupting their ability to perform their regular tasks.

The five minutes in-between interviews are the perfect opportunity for them to move the recruiting process along, but that can only be accomplished if the tool they have access to is designed with razor sharp focus to help them perform those actions and those actions only.

Intuitiveness and ease of use are not nice-to-haves, they’re the difference between a hiring manager solution that works and one that doesn’t.

Both are roles integral to the recruiting process and both can be greatly improved using technology, but the best tools adapt to their needs, rather than trying to force everyone to use the same interface to accomplish completely different tasks.

The Key to Higher Productivity and Better Hires

Having the right tool for the job makes a world of difference. Two equally committed, skilled and competent recruiters, hiring managers or executives can end up producing very different results based on the quality and appropriateness of the tool they have at hand. Think about it, humans have not become magically smarter in the last 100 years, the reason we’re far more productive than ever before is because we’ve built better tools to extend our own abilities.

An executive armed with dashboards that update in real-time, that take complex data and render it easy to understand, select and keep track of, is simply going to outperform an equally competent executive stuck with outdated and cumbersome excel spreadsheets.

And there’s a way in which digital tools like Avature can one up any physical tool, by offering endless flexibility and agility. Yes, you can change the drill bits based on what you need at the time, but the level of customizability is naturally constrained by the fact that physical devices and their parts take up lots of space and need to be manually put together.

Imagine you could build a drill on-the-fly to match the specifics of any task, that’s the dream of many professionals, and that’s exactly what Avature offers for talent acquisition. We just don’t offer one hiring manager, or recruiter or executive experience, we offer a platform in which you can customize and build solutions and experiences that fit the unique characteristics of your recruiting process.

The value of having such flexibility and agility can’t be understated. Our clients were able to transform their recruiting processes to face the challenges brought up by the pandemic in the blink of an eye, without sacrificing usability or productivity at all. This is something they can do because we’ve provided them with a platform designed from the get-go to evolve with them.

Building the Future of Recruiting

Improving the user experience is a never-ending process, our next release of Avature will bring further enhancements that will make our solutions even more intuitive and customizable.

From minor things, like color palettes that are easier on the eyes, to major changes like our improved dashboards that provide stakeholders with an even better look at the recruiting process, our platform will continue to evolve to better fulfill the needs of our clients.