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Thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon, personalization has revolutionized the consumer experience and is set to become the norm in HR.

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce and automation, with up to 25 percent more workers than previously estimated potentially needing to switch occupations (McKinsey & Company, 2021).but also left a high volume of unemployed candidates seeking a job.

To help candidates make their next career move, leading talent acquisition teams are increasingly using career site tools to transform the candidate experience and boost their employer brand. Applicants believe they can tell what it will be like to work for a company by looking at its career site (Smallbizgenius, 2019), so here is where its power comes in, working as a candidate’s first port-of-call to explore an employer brand.

Here are five ways to create a personalized career page that will take your online presence and applicants experience to the next level:

1. Creating a Personalized Candidate Hub

Candidates can have their very own career page that stores their resume and past applications to your company. Having the information saved makes future applications a lot faster and easier. This can transform the candidate experience by making applicants feel truly valued by your organization as they don’t have to repeat information.

You can now take it one step further by using Avature’s AI functionalities in order to ensure a personalized application process based on a candidate’s experience and interests: suggest relevant jobs as candidates type in the search bar, and make recommendations based on browsing history. Avature technology can assure a successful application experience by scouring different bits of data, including jobs that candidates have browsed or applied to in the past and preferences, such as areas of interests and location.

For example, if the applicant is an experienced content writer with a Marketing Degree, the system may suggest a marketing manager, senior writer or a Marketing Insights Specialist role for them to check out. Not only will it find other similar opportunities, but it will also be able to rate how strong this match is. If candidates don’t create their own landing page, they can still get a lot with Avature. The live search feature will show similar roles that might interest them on-the-spot and will also take into account other roles the candidate has searched, and zip code radius, which allows the candidate to filter based on radius options and be closer to a given location.

A career site displaying job recommendations based on browsing history and a search bar to find jobs.

2. Using Your Career Site as a Personalized Marketing Platform

Personalized career sites make it easier to make sure that your future talent sees the recruiting marketing that is most relevant to them. Whether raising awareness about graduates’ career journeys or your executive benefits for C-suite candidates, hyper-targeted content can be the key to convincing your next top talent to choose you over competitors.
By serving candidate-focused content and relevant jobs you are elevating their candidate experience, and will better connect the right candidates with the right jobs, which will only drive benefits for recruiters. With Avature, once candidates log-in and save their information on their career page, they will be able to see hyper-targeted content and news based on their preferences, including areas of interests and past applications.

Banner of Avature's guide on how to create a candidate-centric career site and a link to the landing page to download it.

3. Giving a Glocal Candidate Experience

As consumers increasingly expect companies to automatically anticipate their needs, global companies need to be careful about the language function on their career site. The average user will only spend 15 seconds on a website, so it’s important that you convince them that you speak their language in that short time.

With Avature Career Sites, you can develop your career site in as many languages as you like to make sure that your content has the reach you need. The Avature internationalization features enable any company to overcome their language challenge by having all the translations made within the same portal, creating a seamless experience. This has a great impact on candidate engagement since that candidates won’t be redirected to a new page when they select their preferred language.

4. Staying Current With Your Employer Brand

75 percent of job seekers evaluate a company employer’s brand before they apply for a job (Linkedin). No matter how personal you get with candidates, what they really want to know is what it is like to work for your organization. While you cannot control employee reviews, you can and should bring your employer brand to life in a positive but authentic light on your career sites.

With the new Avature Content Editor functions you can easily update employer brand content on-the-fly, including photos and videos, with the click of a button. The flexible design gives you agile control to tell your employer brand story. Rich media content is key to showcase the best of your company’s value proposition, and to bring the candidate as close as possible to understanding your values and what a future experience in your company might look like.

The interface of the Avature Content Editor and a list of portal pages that can be edited with it.

5. Reinforcing the Candidate Experience with Analytics

Talent acquisition teams have traditionally spent a lot of time on the phone and sending emails. Personalized career sites create a new communication opportunity to recruit and engage top talent in a more dynamic way. Not only to stay visible, but to actually gather valuable data to optimize recruiting processes.

Including a feedback survey on your candidate’s career site is a neat little feature that Avature offers, that will make the candidate experience more dynamic. It’s also a great way to make applicants feel that their voice is being heard, whatever the outcome is in the process.

Career Site Personalization Is a No Brainer

Futureproof your talent acquisition processes with easy-to-use career site personalization tools. In addition to improving the candidate experience and aligning with their changing expectations, it will help to grow your employer brand presence and its positioning.


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