Push and Pull: Finding Sourcing Harmony

In a candidate-driven market, a passive approach to sourcing will no longer suffice. Discover the innovative ways you can source proactively and the benefits of tailoring your strategy to meet the needs of each talent pipeline.

Recruiters must transform themselves into agile marketers in order to identify and engage the best talent in the market. Ready to take on the challenge?

Explore the benefits of a new approach to sourcing

Adopting push and pull techniques typically used by marketers, discover how to develop a more effective approach to sourcing.

Better leverage your existing database

Reviewing silver medalists and other previously identified candidates should be the starting point for every pipeline. Discover how to mine your contacts and uncover top talent.

Drive efficiency with the right technology

Automation and AI can transform the way your sourcers and recruiters work. Upgrade your processes and save your TA Team time to invest in more strategic tasks.

Cast your net further

LinkedIn is a great source of talent, but it’s just one of many talent communities out there. Broaden your search without increasing workload and strengthen your pipelines.

of the most qualified candidates for your open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job.

of talent teams report passive candidates as an important source of hire.

of talent teams find more high-quality candidates through proactive sourcing than inbound applications.

“One of the reasons we chose Avature to implement our sourcing strategy was because of the flexibility.”

Bill Fowles

Talent Acquisition Manager, ABB USA