Your Guide to Effective Candidate Sourcing


In the past, a post-and-pray sourcing strategy was enough to attract matching profiles and “fitting” candidates. However, we are now living in a context where recruiters must transform themselves into agile marketers and networkers to connect with the right talent. With this e-book, you’ll learn how to source proactively so you can adapt your candidate sourcing strategy for each and every talent pipeline.

62% of talent teams find more high-quality candidates through proactive sourcing than inbound applications.

A one-size-fits-all approach to sourcing is no longer good enough, so discover how a push and pull strategy will empower sourcers and recruiters to fully transform and stay always ahead.

Download this e-book and discover how to:

  • Leverage your own database and find forgotten talent
  • Supercharge your external search strategy and find more qualified candidates
  • Be present on social media
  • Smarten up with AI: identify previously untapped talent
  • Unleash the power of automation to streamline processes and free up time to focus on strategic tasks
  • Source face-to-face, on camera: in times of COVID-19 let’s effectively engage at a social distance
  • Strengthen your employer brand by upgrading your career site
  • Maximize your efforts through reporting and optimization