Your Guide to Messaging and SMS for Recruiting Top Talent

SMS and messaging to recruit are an underutilized weapon in the war on talent and can help you stand out and engage potential candidates.

Are you using all the tools at your disposal to reach candidates and capture their attention in an engaging way? This e-book makes the how and the why cases for incorporating text messaging into your Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

Make the business case

Messaging and SMS for recruiting are a quick and easy tool to boost response rates and cut inefficiencies. Identify the benefits and how to convince your company to adopt the function.

Engage the modern candidate

In today’s digital world, people text more than any other form of digital communication. Discover how to weave text recruiting software into your hiring process to engage top talent.

Craft winning SMS conversations

A personal touch, the right tone and creating a seamless mobile experience are all key to creating a personalized recruiting and positive candidate experience.

Boost your CRM ROI

Discover when and how to use text messaging to increase talent pipeline numbers and improve the caliber of qualified candidates to drive your ROI.

See text messaging in recruitment in action

Avature clients share the impact of texting and SMS recruitment software on their Candidate Relationship Management efforts. Learn the tangible opportunities of adopting Avature SMS as part of an innovative talent acquisition strategy.

more efficient than a phone call

of leads prefer to be texted than called.

of candidates felt positive when text messages were used during recruiting process.

We love to use the SMS feature in Avature. It has honestly been a no brainer for us. It’s super simple to quickly send out a massive note, invite students out to networking events or dinner with our on-campus volunteers. It helps us keep students we’ve just met engaged during our time on campus. It’s very accessible and it definitely works.”

Carolyn Bertsch

University Relations & Recruiting - Technical Sourcer & Analyst at Viasat