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How Virtual Events Are Closing the Gap of Social Distance

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All very suddenly, virtual events have jumped to the forefront of our minds after playing second fiddle to the now coveted, and much missed, face-to-face events. As a lot of events that were going to be carried out in person have now been canceled or postponed, virtual events have never been more important.

But, even before we found ourselves working remotely, virtual recruiting had already made its way into many hiring processes and was already becoming commonplace for many events. Last minute meetings, travel problems or timing issues meant many “to be” attendees have had to connect virtually to conferences and events they would have usually attended in person. Not only has it been a way to include everyone who cannot physically be there, fully virtual events have been added to event calendars in their own right to bolster recruitment strategies. Many of Avature’s clients have already been carrying out virtual events to engage with a wider audience and capture candidates they wouldn’t have normally been able to connect with.

When Social Distance Makes Us More Sociable

What was it that led us to spend the first two weeks of quarantine catching up with everyone in our address books; even people outside our address books, some of which we hadn’t spoken to in years? The answer lies in the fact that despite our social distance we all want to continue to feel connected. This is no different to how candidates feel towards their prospective employers. Despite hiring freezes being commonplace, many who would have normally been attending your recruitment event or your booth at a job fair have not suddenly stopped thinking about their careers; so you shouldn’t hold off engaging and attracting them.

It is also important to mention that there are a lot of talented people who have unfortunately lost their jobs due to the unprecedented economic circumstances. This is a great chance to show that you care, support them and engage with them by creating an event that allows them to keep one foot in the market. This doesn’t have to be a pure recruitment event but can be centered around industry commentary, providing expertise from within your company that delivers value. When the time comes for them to apply in the future you can be sure that an event like this will keep your brand front of mind.

Give Your Virtual Event the Love It Deserves

Just because your event is virtual does not mean you shouldn’t give it the love you normally would, so allow your employer brand to shine with customized sites and landing pages. Promote your employer brand through all your invitations, promotion, registrations, interview scheduling portals and post-event communications. And nurture talent post-event with automated and tailored communications. Whether it is virtual or not, ensure you are giving the attendees a great candidate journey from their first interaction to their final touchpoint.

Whether it’s virtual campus events, virtual job fairs, virtual open days or another type of virtual recruiting event, Avature has always given you the ability to connect and engage with candidates for events, wherever they are. It’s not a secret that many are currently on social media, probably more frequently than before. Subsequently, allowing them to register for upcoming events that you promoted through social networks using their credentials for Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing or Monster means you will be in the right place at the right time.

To add the cherry on top, assess the event as you normally would with comprehensive dashboards and reports. Measure email campaign analytics, time-to-hire, applicant conversion analytics, event expenses, program and event performance, and more with built-in, real-time reports. Vital information that helps hone your event strategy and improve your results.

Keep Your Pipelines Flowing

So, don’t turn your employer brand off while everyone is at home thirsty for engagement with more time on their hands to contemplate their next career move. Soon enough we will return to our lives where in-person events will be permitted and it will be those who connected through virtual events during this period that will have the warm relationships to come back to.

Virtual events are here to stay, even once the health crisis has come to an end. Even though there will always be a desire for face-to-face networking and interaction, the undeniable benefits and subsequent ROI mean that virtual events will continue to sit alongside physical events to play a significant role in comprehensive recruitment strategies for the foreseeable future.

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