Improve Facetime at Recruitment Events and Career Fairs

From campus events and career fairs to industry conventions, meeting new candidates face-to-face or at virtual events is a key component of a great sourcing strategy, and something that the majority of businesses already implement. But sometimes the sheer quantity of people at events makes it difficult to fully leverage the opportunity. HR events management technology can help, but without being linked to your candidate relationship management solution (CRM), it’s limited to being an onsite tool.

Be more strategic! Activate pre-event marketing campaigns and allow candidates to sign up beforehand with your CRM. This helps generate leads and reduces the burden for recruiters trying to capture data on the spot. With time precious at events, incorporate pre-screening into the sign-up process to help identify the strongest candidates beforehand so that your TA team can prioritize spending time with them. You can find out more about effective screening here.

You might be facing a hiring freeze, but those who would normally have attended your recruitment event or your booth at a career fair have not suddenly stopped thinking about their careers. So now is actually a great time to support and engage potential candidates through online events. Think about shifting the focus from recruitment to thought leadership or industry commentary. Sharing your expertise as an organization can deliver great value, and boost your employer brand and talent pools.

We’ve created an easy-to-use process that allows us to go paperless at career fairs and to capture key details in a compliant method. … We’ve automated the post-engagement process while being able to track important details…and we’ve already had approximately 2,500 prospects that we’ve actively engaged with from those events, so already a huge return on investment for the portal.

Tessa Dolkas

Outreach Program Manager

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Avature Advantage

– Drum up interest before your event with tailored cross-channel campaigns directly created through the Avature platform.

– Encourage students to sign-up beforehand via branded landing pages -let the day of the event focus on the people instead of the admin work.

– Use the Avature Events Mobile App to fill talent pipelines in real time at events.

Remove admin tasks for recruiters who are already under tight time pressure on site:

  • Allow attendees to self-check-in.
  • Enable attendees to automatically parse CVs into Avature by taking a photo.
  • Enable recruiters to record anonymous feedback through the Avature Events Mobile App.

– Effectively measure event ROI to decide which are worth attending again in the future. Take advantage of real-time metrics with built-in reporting.

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