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Imagine this: you just acquired a new solution that is fast, smart, flexible and easy to use. However, the results are not what you expected and you only see marginal improvements.

For Jen Corio, Senior Global Recruitment Operations & Delivery Manager at BMC Software, starting fresh was how she managed to avoid this common pitfall.

“When adopting technology of any kind, there’s a temptation to just copy and paste your existing processes into your new system. That’s a good starting point, it will keep your business running day-to-day, but it won’t take your talent acquisition to the next level.”

BMC’s incredible story is a lesson on avoiding stagnation and maximizing every opportunity. True to their motto “run and reinvent,” BMC used the hiring pause provoked by COVID-19 to reflect on their strategy and reinvent their processes.

About BMC

From core to cloud to edge, BMC delivers the software and services that enable over 10,000 global customers, including 84 percent of the Forbes Global 100, to thrive in their ongoing evolution to become an autonomous digital enterprise.

Founded to help companies optimize their investment in mainframe technology, BMC now manages infrastructure, networks and services in distributed environments across the data center and into multi-cloud through organic growth, strategic acquisitions and relentless R&D.

Run and Reinvent

The first step was figuring out BMC’s goals and priorities and how they may have changed in previous months. They quickly zeroed in on what they wanted to achieve: agility, intelligence, intuition, finesse and speed.

The second step was understanding how employing a new solution would expand their range of possibilities. A new, cutting-edge solution should expand one’s notion of what is possible.

The third step was identifying the best solution for them to achieve their hiring goals. In Jen’s own words, “We needed a platform that empowered the whole recruitment process, not just give it a facelift; we needed our A-game.”

With Avature as BMC’s platform of choice, the next step was leveraging the power of our ATS, CRM and Onboarding Solutions to achieve their four-A vision: attract, assess, acquire and analyze. Automation is at the core of everything they set their sights on.

“With Avature, when you look at all the features available within one platform, you start to understand the art of the possible.”

Jen Corio

Senior Global Recruitment Operations & Delivery Manager at BMC

Building an Autonomous Digital Enterprise

BMC’s case study exemplifies the issue of compliance. As a global enterprise,  they must comply with the laws and regulations of multiple countries. Moreover, federal contracts are often subject to stringent requirements.

Before adopting Avature, recruiters had to select the approval chain themselves, introducing significant uncertainty and risk. A simple misclick could lead to many headaches, which greatly concerned their audit teams.

With Avature, the approval chains were fully automated, eliminating the possibility of mishaps in the process. Depending on the role, the country and the requirements of the job, the system automatically selects the correct chain of approval. Forms are also auto-populated now and notifications are automated. What used to be the low point of a recruiter’s, hiring manager’s or executive’s day has now become completely painless.

In India, they had to deal with many local, admin-heavy tasks that involved endless back and forth of emails, excel sheets to collect interview feedback and manually uploading candidate documents for background checking.

Thanks to Avature’s signature flexibility, BMC was able to create workflows that change based on the location of the job. When an offer is extended to a candidate, the system automatically triggers emails notifying recruiters and the status of the candidate is shown on their dashboards. Simultaneously, candidates in India receive a congratulatory email which also provides a link where they are informed and asked for their consent regarding background checks and personal information. This informed consent complies with each locality’s laws and regulations. Via this automated communication, candidates can also upload the necessary documentation to move forward in the hiring process.

Instead of endless emails, hiring managers and recruiters now share a common platform that centralizes all information with an interface tailored to their individual use cases. With just a few clicks, hiring managers can see candidates’ resumes, review candidates and leave feedback. Recruiters can see the status of candidates, requisitions, offers and KPIs.

Additionally, tasks that were previously time-consuming, like performing a background check, are fully automated by Avature. Only the information required by background check providers is shared for the time that is needed and their result automatically triggers actions within the system without having to hunt down a certain email and eliminating the need to update steps manually.

Automation as The Engine of a Top-Notch Stakeholder Experience

Altogether, BMC reduced the time recruiting stakeholders spend manually completing operational and repetitive tasks by 14 hours a week, enabling BMC’s teams to increase productivity and dramatically improve the experience they can deliver to candidates and managers.

Candidates benefited from the increased availability of recruiters and from Avature’s automation. Sourcing, matching and pre-screening have also been fully automated. Combined with workflows that notify candidates of any changes in their application status, this ensures that the candidate experience is seamless and that communication is fast and reliable without consuming recruiters’ valuable time.

The system automatically finds candidates, suggests or matches them to an open position using our AI capabilities, invites them to apply and answer a pre-screening questionnaire. They can also self-schedule their interviews since Avature ensures everyone’s calendars are in-sync.

International Onboarding Made Simpler

Onboarding is a critical step often overlooked by many organizations, with many employees deciding whether to stay or leave during their first few months on the job. Onboarding also raises myriad administrative challenges, given that legal requirements vary from country to country.

By taking advantage of Avature’s onboarding and automation capabilities, BMC could create processes that adapt by region automatically. For example, new hires in India have to provide and sign additional documentation, which Avature handles in the background. Only if a position is in India an extra step is triggered without affecting the onboarding of employees in other regions.

New hires in India then receive an email with information specifying what information they need to provide, along with access to an easy-to-use portal to submit required documentation and read and sign releases. This solves the issue of disparate country requirements and results in a seamless onboarding experience.

Making Sure Your Metrics Reflect Their Experience

With an automated and centralized process, BMC is also able to present metrics and KPIs in real time, all integrated into the same platform recruiters use for day-to-day activities. This streamlined process helps recruiters keep track of their priorities and align their activities with the goals of the company.

That said, Jen wanted to ensure that the data reflected the human experience of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters by asking, “How do we measure if our candidates and hiring managers agree with our assessment?”

Once again, automation was the answer. BMC designed its workflows to include forms and custom reports that entirely automate their candidate, hiring manager and onboarding surveys. Extensive automation ensures that BMC can compare, improve and strategize, understanding how their process impacts relevant stakeholders.

Combining these elements allows BMC to keep track of its performance over time, find pain points and evaluate its process. Jen is confident that “with everything in one platform, you have a strategic advantage. You can analyze at the click of a button, cut data smartly and have Avature do the leg work.”

In other words, despite the fact that 2020 was their biggest year in terms of automation, Jen is already thinking of ways to surpass their impressive accomplishments in 2021.

“Once you’ve automated or optimized a process, evaluate its impact. Technology advances everyday, you want your system to learn from the way your team works and easily flex to your business drivers.”

Jen Corio

Senior Global Recruitment Operations & Delivery Manager at BMC Software


The lessons learned from BMC’s amazing story of rapid innovation can be summarized very succinctly:

  • Step 1 – Pause and reflect: Lockdowns and the pandemic forced us to develop certain skills that are akin to meditation. Now let’s do that with our HR technology.
  • Step 2 – Start from a clean slate: BMC returned to the drawing board and was willing to redesign its processes to transform HR into an autonomous digital enterprise with a four-A vision: attract, assess, analyze and acquire.
  • Step 3 – Align your core organization values with your vision: BMC focused on incorporating agility, intelligence, intuition, finesse and speed, their defining characteristics, to realize their four-A vision.
  • Step 4 – Lead with automation: BMC leveraged Avature automation to streamline their entire recruiting process, from sourcing to onboarding. This shift ultimately enabled agility, intelligence, intuition, finesse and speed and they advanced towards their four-A vision.

We believe that achieving success is directly proportional to an organization’s commitment to experimentation. Yet, true innovation is only possible when you choose the right partners and vendors that provide solutions to keep the business running while your talent lab is running. Despite the incredible challenges the pandemic has brought, we continue to be impressed and inspired by HR teams worldwide, especially by our clients’ ability to adapt quickly to such an impactful and disruptive event. We’re proud to be enablers of innovation.


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