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NACE17 Recruiting: Seize the (On-Campus Event) Day

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During career fairs and other on-campus events, recruiters have limited time to attract and engage the sharpest minds of tomorrow – so maximizing their impact is imperative.

At NACE17 Conference + Expo, the Avature team will be at booth 403 to discuss the HR technology that can boost your campus recruiting efforts – before, during, and after events. Those who stop by the Avature booth will also have a chance to win a GoPro camera, the perfect tool to capture everything from adventure-filled vacations to quirky office culture. Come meet our team!

Also be sure to join Catie Anderson of JCI as she presents “Driving University Candidate Engagement through Business Transformation” on Thursday, June 8, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Catie will outline her organization’s recruitment strategy in the midst of wide-scale change. In particular, she will focus on the tools to improve management and reporting in campus recruiting.

Carpe diem at career fairs

When recruiters attend on-campus events, they have to juggle the demanding tasks of talent acquisition and event logistics. At NACE17 you can speak with the Avature team about ways to balance event demands and make the most of the day.

1) Go digital.

With the right technology, recruiters can manage registrations, schedule interviews, and review participation and feedback – all using customizable, fully branded, mobile-optimized websites and landing pages.

On the morning of the campus event, recruiters can post to social media about the day’s events and provide links for students to submit their information or to schedule meetings. They can also send automated invitations and calendar reminders to all involved parties.

At NACE17, ask our on-site experts to show you the new Avature Campus & Events portal, which enables your team to manage relationships with students, vendors, and universities.

2) Provide options.

Students are busy at career fairs, too. But recruiters can encourage them to avoid the line by using their mobile devices to submit basic contact information and their job interests.

While at career fairs, your organization can hang banners to promote how students can apply or join a talent pool via text message. Through SMS functionality, students will receive a text with links to application forms. When they have a free moment, they can apply to a position or request more information directly from their smartphones.

Try it for yourself at NACE17! Join our team at the Avature booth to send us a text and check out the user experience for yourself.

3) Capture info on-the-go.

Internet connectivity can be spotty in crowded campus-event locations. Using software with mobile-app functionality, recruiters can work offline and facilitate on-site management. This enables them to capture leads, update candidates’ profiles on-the-go, and let promising candidates register for the company’s talent pool. Back in the office, recruiters can sync all of the information with the platform.

Meet with our team at NACE17 to check out the functionalities of our mobile app.

4) Highlight opportunities.

Today’s youth – socially conscious digital natives – have distinct values and goals. Students responding to NACE’s annual survey said that when looking at a job and employers, the first factors they consider are:

  • opportunity for personal growth
  • job security
  • friendly coworkers

To appeal to tomorrow’s talent, recruiters can discuss internships, workflex offerings, and company culture. They can showcase the offices and star employees via a fully branded career site, which ideally includes photos and videos of the workspace. Give candidates a behind-the-scenes look at the office.

Want to see some standout examples of career sites? Join our Campus & Events experts to explore the possibilities.

5) Get personal.

It’s likely that students who are interested in an organization have already researched the company website, social media pages, and employer rating websites.

Campus events give a company the opportunity to remove the digital layers and allow face-to-face communication. Students want authenticity. To relate, employees who are at campus events can – and should – share their own experiences within the organization.

For expert insights into showcasing your company and connecting with young talent, check out how Novo Nordisk’s campus recruiting team cut through the employer noise and learned to be heard.

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