Employee Referrals

Tap into the vast pools of talent within the social networks of your employees.

Why Avature Referrals?

Tap into your workforce’s networks with a referral solution that empowers employees to recommend candidates.

From simply providing names or actively recruiting specialized talent, define the referral program that works for you. With Avature Referrals, you can also incentivize participation by setting variable rewards based on your strategic needs.

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Employees can sell your company in a very authentic way; they know about the jobs and the culture of the company and are truly ambassadors. So in addition to finding really high quality candidates in a good number through the Employer Referral Program, itʼs really strengthening our employer brand. People are talking to the outside world and weʼre leveraging every employee of Siemens to help us recruit."

Dr. Sebastian Hubert, Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy and
Technologies, Siemens.

A Dedicated Employee Referral Site

The Avature Refer site gives your employees an easy-to-use hub from which they can view open positions, recommend their friends and track the status of their referrals throughout the application and hiring process. It also features job recommendations based on resumes, which is useful if you know a great candidate but are not sure which positions to refer them for.

Tailored To Your Needs

Design a unique program that actively supports your recruiting efforts across all skill sets, employee categories and regions so that you get the most out of your community of employees. Engage, incentivize and reward them based on positive outcomes and take the heat off your sourcing and recruiting teams.

Avature Referrals features:

  • Branded portals with content management features.
  • Highly configurable referral workflows to efficiently process referrals based on urgency, quality, seniority, etc.
  • Automated email and SMS notifications to keep stakeholders up to date on referral processes.
  • Customizable forms to capture important information from the referrer about the candidate.
  • A flexible rewards system that can reflect the added value of the referral efforts.

Built-in Marketing and Segmentation

Create lists of your high-performing referrers and place referred candidates into specific talent pools that reflect your different recruiting needs. A powerful AI algorithm can then automatically rank candidates and identify those who are the best match for the job requirements. This makes it easier to target audiences with specific, tailored, automated email and SMS communications. You can also engage with talent outside your workforce from alumni, vendors and customer networks by allowing them to submit referrals too.

Transparency as a Driver for Engagement

Drive adoption of your referral program with customizable levels of transparency.  Select what information you show to employees regarding the status of their referrals. Additionally, you can choose to automatically notify them of any meaningful advancement in the process, ensuring that your referrers are always up to date on their submissions.

Enhance your Referral Program with Gamification

Reward your employees based on the number of successful referrals, or create a scoring system with micro rewards to recognize employees for smaller actions such as the number of candidates referred. Then publicize their score referral leaderboards to showcase your top referrers and encourage other employees to participate in the program.

Enable employees to easily share links to specific jobs via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to encourage viralization through social sharing. In the spirit of gamification, these links track the referral back to the original referrer, so employees are credited for their efforts.

Optimize the Referral Experience

Customize your immediate response to employee referrals, choose to trigger a verification email, a request for information or an invitation to apply. Employee referrals will then remain in your talent pools even if they decide not to follow through with the job application.

Real-time Reporting

Analyze response, participation, ROI, effectiveness and other relevant factors to periodically review the strategies being used and adjust direction quickly to fit your evolving needs.

See at a glance:

  • Your top referrers
  • The social media sites generating most referral traffic
  • Business areas/locations that refer most/ least
  • Which email templates are most effective
  • How your employee referral program compares to other hiring sources
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