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Government contracting is a competitive and complex endeavor where what is at stake is winning or losing target talent.

Address Your Challenges Head On

Overcome Extreme Price Competitiveness

Win the Race for Cleared Talent

Ride Out Lengthy Contract Bid Processes

Increase Win Percentages and Bidding ROI

Why Avature Government Contracting?

Avature delivers the talent acquisition and talent management efficiencies you need for winning and delivering complex projects.

  • Keep candidates engaged during lengthy contract bid processes with Avature’s intuitive recruitment marketing functionality.
  • Improve your recruiting process by digitizing, centralizing and automating your essential tasks.
  • Take advantage of our internal mobility and performance management solutions to optimize your deployed workforce across programs.

Talent Solutions Designed to Help You Thrive

Build Rich Talent Pipelines

Find, engage and nurture long-term relationships with the public sector’s top talent.

  • Source and segment qualified candidates with WebSources and advanced search.
  • Keep candidates engaged throughout the bid process with email marketing.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of competitive bidding with KPI reports and dashboards.
See Avature CRM in Action

Drive Application Conversion

Optimize tasks and application processes with the speed and precision necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

  • React quickly to uncertain timelines with automated offers and approvals.
  • Reinforce compliance and auditing with EEO and affirmative action reports.
  • Store, organize and share proposals with a central data repository.
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Shine at Recruiting Events

Meet talent on their turf or virtually while managing your recruitment activities from a single, highly customizable platform.

  • Build custom landing pages to answer FAQs and keep candidates informed.
  • Automate email campaigns to send event reminders and confirm attendance.
  • Improve collaboration with the Avature Events Management Mobile App.
Better Connect at Events

Industry Leaders in Action

Winning the war for talent is paramount to the success of the company. Our CRM allows us to aggregate data, standardize it and put it into an elaborate data model - then apply an engagement strategy.”

Marvin Smith
Critical Talent Sourcing

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Resources for Government Contracting Companies

We're changing our way of thinking. We've moved away from a transactional, one-time interaction with candidates, to fostering fruitful relationships over time with ongoing outreaches.”

Marvin Smith
Talent Engagement Strategist

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