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Avature’s Pick of Some Amazing Career Sites

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Fifty-six percent of candidates believe they can tell what it will be like to work for a company by looking at its career site (Smallbizgenius, 2019). It works as a candidate’s first port-of-call to explore an employer brand: it showcases what the organization stands for and what it’s really like to work for them. With the aim to stand out from the crowd, leading talent acquisition teams have started transforming candidate’s journeys, using capabilities such as personalization based on the visitor’s behavior to better connect with talent and boost their company values.

Now more than ever, your online presence speaks volumes:

67% of candidates visit your company website before they apply for a job.

We wanted to celebrate some standout career sites that used Avature’s career site tools to attract the right talent for the future, during 2020’s challenging hiring context:

Packing a Punch with Personalization – L’Oréal’s Hit

Robots entered the mainstream: according to Deloitte, 37 percent of organizations have now deployed AI solutions—up 270 percent from four years ago. Many professionals saw AI as a threat, with fears that the technology would replace them. But HR leaders realized that AI and automation empower people, freeing their teams from administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on elements that are uniquely human, such as building authentic relationships with candidates.

L’Oréal didn’t just try to keep up with this trend, but set the pace. Their mission was to help potential applicants find the right role through a personalized experience. They leveraged Avature’s AI functionalities in order to suggest relevant jobs as candidates type in the search bar, as well as making recommendations based on browsing history.

By serving candidates with relevant jobs and elevating their experience, L’Oréal powered it’s career site to better connect the right candidates with the right jobs, which will only drive benefits for recruiters and sentiment towards their employer brand.


Check out L’Oréal’s careers site here!

Delivering a Local Experience on a Global Level – Introducing Avanade

For global organizations operating across multiple regions, it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent corporate message across all markets while also connecting with candidates on a local level. Avanade adopted Avature’s internationalization capabilities, which enabled the company to overcome its language challenge and provide a personalized and localized experience in 26 languages.

Communicating to your target audience in their language is the best practice to avoid creating barriers before you even begin. It also has a dramatic impact on adoption, while reducing bounce rates and minimizing page dropout. When it comes to ensuring strong organic performance of your career site, these are critical factors that Google will take into account when ranking your site and its content.

See Avanade’s career page here!

Showcasing Your Brand – KPMG’s story

Putting the candidate front and center, a career site should showcase who an organization is, not only what jobs they currently have open. And when it comes to branding, it’s no longer just about including your logo and colors. KPMG brought its brand to life through rich media content and an experience that gives candidates a real taste of what it’s like to work for the organization.

KPMG won the Talent Board’s North American Candidate Experience Awards (CandE) four times in a row for its sleek career site showcasing impressive design and functionality to engage job seekers. Here are our favorite elements:

  • Pop-up menu enabling job searches by practice area.
  • Interactive map displaying office locations and letting users browse open jobs at each one.
  • Video gallery showcasing life at KPMG in different sectors of the firm, and a social media gallery consolidating Twitter and Facebook posts.
  • LinkedIn widget allowing candidates to see people they know that work for the organization.
  • One-portal consolidation of career site and talent community page for ease of navigation.

They also focused on ensuring the application experience was as simple as possible, achieving impressive results. By reducing the number of application form fields by half, they saw a dramatic decrease in application drop-off rate!

In addition to keeping your branding fresh, CMS empowers companies to react in real-time to changing circumstances. For example, in the context of Covid-19 and hiring freezes, some companies communicated on their career site that candidates could still join their talent marketplace even if recruiting was on hold in case they could be a nice fit in the future. As well as improving candidate experience by better managing their expectations through increased transparency, organizations are setting themselves up for success with this strategy by enriching their talent pipelines.

Have a sneak peak at KPMG’s career site!

Today’s talent searches for jobs in the same way that they would make any major purchasing decision: through robust and extensive research. Landing on your career site is more than just luck: candidates have arrived there with intent so don’t waste the opportunity to show your true colors and attract the talent most aligned to your culture and values.

While we jump into an uncertain 2021, one thing’s for sure: making your career site as appealing as possible has moved dramatically beyond a nice-to-have, becoming an essential part of a company’s recruitment strategy.  Even for those not currently hiring! A candidate pool full of top-notch talent is waiting to be enriched and engaged, so prepare to attract them by taking your career site to the next level.

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