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Trends like the proliferation of the consumer internet have elevated expectations and given rise to the need for enhanced candidate experiences. To drive talent attraction in a market where 98 percent of companies report having significant skill shortages, the most successful recruiting teams have started leveraging advanced career site technology to: 

  • Showcase their company values. 
  • Enable more personalized candidate experiences.
  • Engage job seekers from the start.

In this blog, we want to celebrate some of our customers who rely on Avature Career Sites to make a winning first impression and encourage visitors to apply or join their talent communities. Moreover, we want to provide an overview of the capabilities they highlight as essential in maintaining modern and engaging career sites.

Enabling Personalization on Career Sites

According to Deloitte, 79 percent of leaders say they have fully deployed three or more AI applications. Being at the dawn of AI-enabled HR automation, many of the organizations we partner with deploy AI on their career sites to enable a truly personalized candidate experience when looking for a suitable position to apply to.

L’Oréal hasn’t just tried to keep up with the AI trend but actually set the pace by leveraging this technology as early as January 2020, long before products such as ChatGPT dominated the headlines.

Committed to helping potential applicants find the right role through a personalized candidate experience, the beauty giant harnesses Avature’s AI functionalities to suggest relevant jobs as candidates type in the search bar and provide recommendations based on browsing history.

By using AI to serve candidates with relevant jobs, L’Oréal powered its career site to better connect the right candidates with the right jobs. Doing so drives benefits for recruiters as the chances of receiving applications that are better aligned with the position itself increase.

On the candidates’ side, they enjoy a consumer-grade experience, which can have a positive impact on their sentiment towards L’Oréal’s employer brand. Check out L’Oréal’s Avature-powered career site here.

A career landing page of L'Oreal with a customized look and a search bar.


For British telecommunications company Virgin Media O2, AI also proved valuable in delivering a personalized experience to its career site visitors. When job seekers click “Get recommendations” and upload their resume, Avature’s powerful semantic engine leverages the visitor’s information to provide a tailored list of recommended jobs based on variables such as job titles and skills. 

Image of Virgin Media O2's fully branded career site and search bar.

Beyond personalization, Virgin Media O2’s career site is also a prime example of the next characteristic we will discuss as an engagement maximizer on career sites.

Boosting Your Employer Branding Strategy

A career site should show who an organization is, not only what jobs it currently has open. And when it comes to your employer branding strategy, including your logo and colors is no longer enough.

Virgin Media O2 brought its brand to life through rich media content and a visually captivating experience that gives candidates a real taste of what working for the organization is like.

The telecommunications company displays an impressive design and leverages cutting-edge functionality to engage job seekers and drive conversion. Here are some standout elements:

  • A gallery enabling job searches by practice area.
  • A dedicated video that explains Virgin Media O2’s people principles.
  • A Life at Virgin Media O2 page describing the company’s values and the perks of working there.
  • A testimonials gallery with impactful employee stories.
  • A Diversity & Sustainability page describing initiatives and commitments.
  • Social media links where visitors can learn more about the company.

Image of Virgin Media 02's career site showcasing a video with the company's people principles.

Similarly, Coca-Cola HBC’s career site displays strong employer brand statements dynamically while demonstrating the company’s values through real-life employee stories. Additionally, they help job seekers find the perfect opportunity by enabling searches by business areas.

For those visitors who don’t find a suitable opportunity to apply right away, Coca-Cola HBC encourages them to sign up for a talent network. In a streamlined process, job seekers can input their data and join the talent community to remain in contact with the company and receive tailored job recommendations as they become available.

Image of Coca-Cola HBC's site showcasing the Join our talent network section.

Competing in today’s “attention economy,” HR professionals are increasingly honing their marketing skills to improve the efficiency of their recruiting programs. In this context, content management automation is essential automation.

Due to this, many of the leading organizations who partner with us to modernize their career site experience value having access to advanced content management tools that grant them full control over the messaging and style of their career sites.

With these tools, they have the agility and autonomy to swiftly respond to changing circumstances and maintain an up-to-date employer branding strategy, either by making small visual and content updates to their career sites or by introducing brand-new content pages to engage particular talent segments, for example.

Banner of Avature's e-book on talent acquisition automation and a link to the landing page to download it.


Delivering a Local Experience at a Global Scale

For global organizations operating across multiple regions, it can be a challenge to maintain a consistent employer branding message across all markets while also connecting with candidates on a local level.

Avanade deployed Avature’s internationalization capabilities, which enabled the company to provide a localized experience in 26 languages. CBRE follows a similar path and currently has a career site that supports over 20 languages.

Screenshot of the extensive list of languages supported by Avanade's career site. Screenshot of the extensive list of languages supported by CBRE's career site.

Speaking to your target audience in their language is the best practice to avoid barriers before they even begin to discover what your organization has to offer. Even more importantly, it shows that you’re serious about inclusion when managing a global workforce.

Internationalizing your career site can also have a dramatic impact on conversion, as it’s likely to reduce bounce rates and minimize page dropout. Regarding strong organic performance of your career site, these are critical factors that Google will take into account when ranking your site and its content.

Creating a Consumer-Grade Career Site Experience

Today’s talent searches for jobs in the same way that they make their purchasing decisions: through robust and extensive research. Landing on your career site is more than just luck: candidates have arrived there with intent. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show your true colors and attract the talent most aligned with your culture and values.

One thing’s for sure: having a modern and appealing career site has become a must-have for companies looking to build high-performing, marketing-based recruitment strategies. To better understand the crucial role your career site plays in recruiting success and gather best practices on how to optimize it, download our Career Site e-book.

Banner of Avature's guide on how to create a candidate-centric career site and a link to the landing page to download it.


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