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Trusted by Leading Public Sector Agencies

Avature supports a wide range of organizations, including multi-country agencies, federal and state agencies and companies partly or wholly owned by governments.

Why Avature?

Avature understands public sector challenges. We have over eight years of experience modernizing and optimizing public sector recruiting and employee engagement programs.

In addition, our fifteen years of experience powering the most innovative and competitive talent programs in the commercial market gives us unique insights that translate directly into creating high-performing solutions for our government customers that are fit for purpose.

Our platform is built for large enterprises. It is comprehensive, secure, extremely configurable and highly scalable, making it ideal for organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees.

Configure the Platform to Your Processes

Avature’s extensive “no-code” configurability allows the platform to be adapted to your agency’s specific needs. We deliver full automation for a wide range of complex operational challenges, because we understand that the 80/20 rule used by commercial customers cannot be applied when requirements are driven by legislation.

On Time and on Budget

We bring together a proven project governance model and a deployment team with both commercial and public sector experience for a low-risk, high-impact implementation. Start your journey today knowing that you can compete with leading commercial programs for the best talent and that your implementation can be done on time and within budget.

Key Public Sector Projects

US Postal Service

With more than 34,000 retail locations, 630,000 employees and one of the most frequently visited websites in the federal government, the US Postal Service implemented Avature to enhance their hiring experience for all candidates, from mail carriers to cyber security experts.

Avature is currently being implemented and is on pace to go live in less than 24 months from the contract signing.

European Central Bank

The European Central Bank supports the 19 European Union countries that adopted the euro, with responsibilities such as deciding monetary policy and holding reserves for member countries. They have 4,500 employees of 28 nationalities that speak 24 different languages.

Given the complexity of their organization, they needed a talent platform that could be tailored to meet their specific challenges. They are working with Avature to digitally transform their talent acquisition and CV screening process, implement a mentorship program to capitalize on the expertise and experience within the organization and promote the development of skills and sharing of knowledge.

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn AG, the national railway company of Germany, has over 350,000 employees, more than 500 group companies and an annual revenue exceeding €44 billion. They have been supported by a range of Avature solutions since 2017.

In that time, Deutsche Bahn AG has harnessed the Avature platform to transform its recruitment strategy and successfully hire tens of thousands of employees.

Australian Post

Australia Post has connected people and communities for over 200 years, with more than 35,000 workers and 40,000 in the workforce across 4,330 post offices and 481 operational facilities. Avature was invited to consolidate the technology across their recruitment systems with the objectives of:

  • Enhancing process efficiency and creating a more compelling user experience for their hiring managers.
  • Improving agility and responsiveness to change.
  • Exploring data and insights across the end-to-end talent acquisition lifecycle, monitoring their effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

State of Virginia

The Virginia Community College System has a network of 23 community colleges with an annual enrollment rate of 233,000 students and an additional 170,000 students in workforce development services and noncredit courses.

They implemented Avature to support them in bringing on new employees, ensuring their processes were efficient and consistent and that they were delivering a world-class new-hire experience.

Singapore Government

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) is responsible for the delivery of the Singapore government’s digital services to the public. They have over 3,000 employees and constantly looking to attract the best tech talent in Singapore, so turned to Avature to help them achieve this.

Avature is now building a state-of-the-art recruiting solution for them.

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