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  • Event Registration App

Avature’s solution for Campus and Events Management has an optional app that acts as an extension of your Avature system. Any recruiter or hiring manager from your company that’s attending the event can download the app from iTunes (Android version coming soon). With the app downloaded on their phone or tablet they can simply add new candidates to the event record or see who pre-registered and check them in. The app works offline so you don’t need to worry about poor Internet connectivity – it will sync back up with your Avature database once you’re back online.

  • Event Registration Landing Pages

The landing page is a single web page with a form for the candidate to fill out that creates a new candidate profile in your Avature database and links them to the event record. These can be optimized for use on smartphones and tablets and can integrate with social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook for single-sign-on, making the registration process simple for candidates. Employers bring smartphones and/or tablets to events and pull up the landing page on the device’s browser to start registering candidates. For candidate self-registration, see #3 below.

  • Text Messaging and QR Codes

With hundreds of students waiting to meet you and only 3 recruiters at the event, the candidate flow can be overwhelming. Why not hand out cards to students waiting in line? The card includes two options to register; 1) a QR code that, when scanned, opens a mobile optimized registration landing page (#2) in their device’s browser where the student keys in their information, and 2) instructions to text a word to a short code (e.g. text the word “campus” to 90206). The texting option starts a registration process with the student all over text message (i.e. text your first name, text your last name, text your email address, etc.). Both options create a new student profile in your Avature database and link them to the event record. By the time the student comes to the front of the line you can focus on the assessment because they’re already in your system.

  • Dropbox/Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive have both made it easy and free to store documents in the cloud (i.e. and no longer on the desktop). They’re both seeing huge growth amongst students as a means to store, share, and collaborate with other students and professors as part of their regular course work. They’ve also become an obvious go-to place to store a resume as students start to engage in the job search process. Apps or landing pages (#1 and #2 above) can be integrated into these two products, making it easy for students to attach their resume from a mobile device when registering at your booth. It also shows that your company embraces modern technology, or at least appears to.

  • Digital Feedback

The days of writing notes on paper resumes or putting color coded stickers on them are over. Now that you’re using mobile devices to check people in at events through a landing page or mobile app you can add feedback and even numerically or alphabetically rank candidates electronically on the fly. By easily separating the best from the rest you can target your follow up communications accordingly. You can even automate the follow-up communications through Avature’s highly configurable workflow and set the cadence – e.g. send an email requesting a follow-up call to students ranked 4 or 5 right away and a different “we regret…” email to the rest three days following the event.

Banner of Avature's e-book on campus recruiting best practices and a link to the landing page to download it.

Avature Campus Recruiting is a fully bespoke solution built on the award winning Avature Web 2.0 platform. It’s ideal for engaging and recruiting students, and for managing University and vendor relationships. It can be customized to fit your current proprietary campus programs and can be optimized while in use.


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