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How to Overcome Search Limitations With Your CRM

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I have a life-long problem with searching for things. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about needle-in-a-haystack sort of things. I’m talking about things that are right under my nose!

I recently went to the supermarket and bought a $10 lasagna because I didn’t think to look in the freezer first. When I returned home and began putting everything away, sitting right there beneath the frozen peas was a lasagna that I had bought previously. From the jar of peanut butter at the back of the pantry to the parmesan risotto on the bottom shelf, buying things we already have is a common occurrence in our house. We end up with three jars of salsa because I gave up at first glance or didn’t bother looking in the first place. The problem with being search-challenged? The time wasted and the financial implications.

And if you’re in recruiting, it’s unnecessarily expensive. Whether it’s a few hundred dollars — the cost of opening and posting a job and interviewing candidates — or a small fortune if you are using external resourcing, such as search firms and headhunters, it’s money you likely didn’t need to spend. And yet it happens too often. Almost two-thirds (64%) of employers do not know how many qualified candidates are in their own applicant tracking system (ATS). Your database is a goldmine, but it’s worthless if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you don’t look there in the first place.

Here are some tips on how to overcome search limitations and exploit your existing database.

Let CRM Software Source Your Most Promising Leads for You

Much like I should have taken the time to see if there was a lasagna in the freezer, you have to look around a little if you expect to dig up gold. Don’t be afraid to get in there and dissect your database. Avature search capabilities let you go through your system with a fine-tooth comb and find talent you could have missed otherwise, including floating candidates who are not linked to any pipelines.

Here are two search functions that I’ve been most excited about recently.

Overcome Search Limitations Using Semantic Search

We are currently putting the final touches on semantic search, a function that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find semantic correlations for every term you search for. Job roles, relevant skills, years of experience, personal preferences: the search possibilities are endless. Semantic search is designed to be an easy, Google-like experience, making it accessible to everyone, even the most search-challenged or novice recruiter.

After running a search, the system automatically expands the original criteria to include related search terms. The user can also decide whether or not to show less similar results that could still be relevant. Semantic search won’t make the decision for you, but it could be key to helping you identify new treasures you may have missed otherwise.

Sourcing Candidates Using WebSources

Avature CRM also pioneered a feature called WebSources, which allows you to find candidates across multiple external applicant databases all at once by entering keywords or Boolean strings, geographical locations, recent profile updates, and other search criteria. You can even automate the process by setting up saved searches and running them automatically at set times.

Not only can it help you find more top talent, but when used in conjunction with other Avature tools, such as personalized drip campaigns or text messaging and SMS, you can drive engagement and cut recruitment costs and time-to-hire. Tech-giant ABB cut hiring costs by 40 percent with the help of WebSources. Not bad!

Taking Stock: Confident Database Management

Years of adding candidates to your database and not removing data from employee turnover can lead to a database that resembles an overflowing, messy pantry. It’s no wonder a lot of recruiters with legacy ATS technology resort to creating spreadsheets in Excel or Google Docs, or ditching their database and sending out new specs when a role opens.

In addition to pipelining and tagging, Avature CRM can prevent candidate profiles from collecting dust. Recruitment marketing functions and automated emails help keep your data up to date and empower you to keep talent warm. Our customers tell us they often hit a candidate’s inbox at just the right time.

Staying on top of your database is also a strategic opportunity to grow your employer brand and to communicate your company culture. Novo Nordisk is a European pharma company that wanted to raise its employer brand awareness in the US to attract new talent. They created a quarterly newsletter for its CRM database. Between 20 and 30 percent of the content is about the organization; the rest includes industry trends and career advice. This newsletter has not only helped to raise brand awareness but also enabled the company build its employer image. According to the client, their unsubscribe rate has been virtually zero.

Just as your chocolate stash is there for when you have a bad craving, be proactive and get ready for your future recruitment needs. Don’t just hoard profiles, but leverage personalization, segmentation and automation to keep talent visible and within reach at all times.

Proactive Sourcing: Get a Helping Hand From Your Employees

When I can’t find something, I’ll ask my wife for help. It’s easier and more effective, and it applies when you’re searching for talent too. Avature Refer can help to quash search limitations.

Employees will probably recommend like-minded people who will be a good fit with your company culture. Plus, research has found that referrals tend to be more loyal and productive. Siemens estimates that their time-to-hire with Avature Refer is now five times faster, and it has also given its employer brand a boost.

Internal Mobility

Doing a little internal searching can also be incredibly valuable and a win-win for all stakeholders.

Eighty-six percent of respondents in a 2017 Bersin by Deloitte survey agreed that hiring internally results in a faster process and eighty-nine percent said it was less expensive. It also improves employee engagement. L’Oréal, which is consistently named top employer by its employees, has used Avature to increase internal mobility opportunities by 77 percent.

While not a search function per se, internal mobility gives you instant access to talented individuals who you know are a good fit with your business and are reliable.

Whipping Up a Winner: A Recipe for Sourcing Success With Your CRM Software

Expect to look like a search superhero with Avature CRM when an urgent need-to-fill position opens up. Overcoming search limitations means you can focus on more valuable tasks, instead of wasting time and money searching for candidates you likely already have, It’s key to finding top talent that is currently out-of-reach.

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