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Tech recruiters are vying for the same elite tech talent, making the ability to attract and retain the strongest candidates a dealbreaker for any organization.

Address Your Challenges Head On

Win the War for Qualified Talent

Engage Passive Candidates With Innovative Recruitment Marketing

Keep Pace in a Fast-Moving Environment

Drive Employee Engagement in a Highly Competitive Market

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Why Avature?

Avature empowers you to design cutting-edge hiring and retention programs that engage tech-savvy prospects and employees.

  • Showcase your employer brand and company culture with mobile-optimized, branded portals with built-in CMS tools.
  • Connect with the best talent online, across social media channels and at events using our CRM solution.
  • Leverage our best-in-class ATS to automate and accelerate your hiring process.
  • Use our social onboarding solution to help new hires adapt to your culture and achieve high output sooner.
  • Use our add-on solutions to deliver your services to hiring managers, get referrals from your employees and control agency spend.
  • Engage employees through internal mobility programs and fundamentally alter every stakeholder experience from a centralized platform.

Talent Solutions Designed To Help You Thrive

Discover Hidden Talent

Empowering recruitment teams’ confidence and creativity when seeking elusive tech talent can help propel your organization towards success.

  • Enhance campaigns by managing landing pages and job openings on social media.
  • Segment talent pools using key metrics with Avature CRM.
  • Use dashboards and reports to keep abreast of talent strategies.
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Enhance Application Processes

Simplifying the required steps when applying for a role is critical to converting tech-savvy candidates accustomed to speed and flexibility.

  • Make applications as seamless as possible with Avature ATS.
  • Automate emails and SMS to streamline communication.
  • Improve recruiter, vendor and hiring manager productivity with reports.
Drive Application Conversion

Maximize Employee Referrals

Inspiring current employees to refer acquaintances can transform your workforce into a recruiting powerhouse.

  • Boost programs through gamification.
  • Grant employees visibility into the status of their referrals.
  • Assess response, participation and ROI with real-time analytics.
Revamp Referrals

Showcase Internal Opportunities

Providing flexible career paths within your organization is key to long-term engagement and retention.

  • Retain talent looking for a new challenge, not a new organization.
  • Increase opportunity visibility with an internal career site.
  • Run Google-like searches and build lists of qualified employees.
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Industry Leaders in Action

It’s really great to have Avature email templates on hand, which I can tweak and edit to fit my needs as I go along. In these outreaches I included news articles and media links, which were invaluable in enhancing Pandora brand awareness as we moved into the Atlanta area.”

Miryame Krogmeier
Sr. Sourcer

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Resources for Tech Companies

By leveraging Avature to orchestrate an ambitious recruiting event, the TA team at Pandora surpassed their ambitious hiring objectives in record time.

The Avature platform, with its comprehensive range of features, was invaluable in staying organized, following what was happening with candidates at different times, and ensure we were engaging with them in the right way.”

Anastacia Flores
Director of Recruiting Operations

Siruis XM Pandora's company logo.

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