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Transform your financial services recruitment platform to attract highly skilled talent in a competitive, ever-changing market:

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For financial services organizations focused on staying compliant and competitive in the face of a digital skills shortage, recruiting and engaging the right talent is the silver bullet for achieving breakout performance.

Address Your Challenges Head On

Shortage of Digital Skills

Stand Out in the Highly Competitive Job Market

Break Free From Legacy Processes That Hinder Digital Transformation

Stay Compliant in a Highly Regulated Environment

Why Avature?

Innovative talent acquisition processes underpin successful digital transformation programs. A cutting-edge finance recruitment platform, Avature empowers you to get ahead of the curve – all while delivering the security and transparency necessary to meet even the most stringent industry standards.

  • Stand out as an employer of choice for graduates at careers events
  • Leverage automation to effectively fill high-volume evergreen positions
  • Deliver a personalized, high-touch candidate experience for executives

Talent Solutions Designed to Help Your Institution Thrive

Drive Application Conversion

Ensuring an efficient and intuitive application process is critical in preventing drop off and converting top talent.

  • Move away from complicated legacy ATS backends.
  • Grow your employer brand by customizing careers portals and communication.
  • Optimize recruiter experience with automation tools that save time.
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Become a Talent Magnet

Sourcing and attracting scarce tech talent to the financial sector is a tricky but fundamental task.

  • Leverage Avature’s advanced search capabilities to identify top candidates.
  • Drive long-term engagement with recruitment marketing tools.
  • Showcase your employer brand across all touch points with Avature CRM.
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Stand Out on Campus

Maximizing impact at campus events connects you with the best young talent to fill intern and grad positions.

  • Ensure a slick candidate experience with mobile-optimized technology.
  • Nurture long-term relationships with your future workforce.
  • Improve ROI by maximizing event promotion and registration.
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Industry Leaders in Action

It's probably the only ATS I've worked with where all the recruiters are happy to use it.

Paul Mouland
Recruitment Operations Manager

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