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LinkedIn and Avature have been integrated since 2015. For almost a decade now, we have been working together to improve the experience of the organizations that rely on both our platforms to secure top talent. In a recent webinar, we discussed the latest result of our collaboration, which adds to our already available Apply with LinkedIn, Basic and Premium Job Posting and RSC integrations.

Through a new development that unlocks enhanced recruiting efficiency, our CRM solution is one of the first in the market to integrate with LinkedIn Recruiter and offer LinkedIn CRM Connect. This much-anticipated integration will go on general release in July, although it is already being used by a group of early-access customers who are testing it and providing feedback to ensure top-level performance.

And the timing could not be better.

Despite signs that the labor market is stabilizing, employers remain cautious in their hiring plans. The need to maximize recruiting efficiency is further underlined in LinkedIn’s 2024 Future of Recruiting Report, with sourcing high-quality candidates sitting on top of many talent acquisition teams’ agendas for 2024.

With these market indicators, it’s imperative to make the most of CRM technology to discover qualified candidates and deliver impactful candidate outreach. The timely arrival of LinkedIn CRM Connect can be game-changing.

How Does LinkedIn CRM Connect Enhance Recruiting Efficiency?

LinkedIn CRM Connect creates a seamless two-way synchronization between Avature CRM and LinkedIn Recruiter. This means that regardless of the system sourcers are working on, they have complete visibility of candidates’ most up-to-date data and interaction history from both platforms and can make decisions based on the most accurate information available.

With this integration, sourcers will reduce the time they spend manually switching back and forth between the two platforms when looking for leads and gathering candidate data. Not only does this represent a significant upgrade for them, but it also frees up valuable time to focus on the tasks where they can have the biggest impact, such as promoting the organization’s employer brand, partnering with the business to develop effective talent acquisition strategies and consolidating their relationships with talent.

Having at-a-glance access to thorough and consistent candidate insights also empowers sourcers to hone their engagement strategy. This way, they can send personalized messages referencing past interactions with the team or data points from candidates’ profiles, such as recent work or education updates. What’s more, by visualizing all past interactions in one place, sourcers can avoid the sort of disjointed and disorganized communications that leave candidates with a negative impression.

One Integration, A Robust Set of Features

The impact of LinkedIn CRM Connect on sourcers’ productivity and recruiting efficiency is a direct result of the seamless data synchronization and visualization it enables. This is achieved thanks to a series of intuitive features in both systems’ user interfaces:

  • In-Avature CRM indicator (on LinkedIn Recruiter): When running a candidate search on LinkedIn Recruiter, sourcers can see which candidates exist in Avature CRM and get an overview of their information and recruiting history.
  • In-CRM filter (on LinkedIn Recruiter): Sourcers can also use a filter to decide whether the search results should include or exclude candidates already in the CRM, helping add fresh profiles to their pipelines as needed.
  • View CRM candidate information (on LinkedIn Recruiter): A step beyond the overview enabled by the indicator above, sourcers can access a comprehensive candidate profile that displays data from Avature CRM (if the candidate is already in the CRM database). In addition, sourcers can InMail candidates, prompting them to consent to share their contact information, an action that helps ensure compliance for the transference of this information to Avature.
  • One-click export (on LinkedIn Recruiter): With a single click, sourcers can export a candidate’s profile from LinkedIn Recruiter to Avature CRM. As part of the export, sourcers can define which pipeline the candidate will be linked to in Avature CRM and leave notes with additional details. Person records created in Avature CRM using the one-click export will automatically include a source tag to facilitate identification, tracking and reporting.
  • Review LinkedIn profiles and recruiting activity (in Avature CRM): Within Avature CRM’s candidate record, sourcers can visualize the candidates’ profile information from LinkedIn Recruiter. They can also see a summary of recruiting activities and a breakdown of communication history, and have the possibility of sending an InMail without leaving Avature.

Augmenting the Power of CRM Technology

This new integration between Avature CRM and LinkedIn Recruiter empowers sourcers to focus on people rather than routine tasks. It gives them valuable time back and streamlines access to real-time candidate data, enabling them to conduct higher-quality searches across both platforms, enrich their pipelines with new leads and deliver memorable candidate experiences.

With these advantages, LinkedIn CRM Connect has created quite a buzz amongst our customers. From drip campaigns to AI-powered recommendations, they understand that the cutting-edge functionality offered by the integration can be combined with other capabilities of Avature CRM to great effect, including better supporting the modern marketing-based practices of high-powered recruiting and reaping even greater ROI from their CRMs.


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