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The future of talent acquisition has arrived. Digital platforms, automation, and other technological advancements are central to everyday tasks in the world of recruitment. When it comes securing to transformational talent, organizations can’t afford to fall behind the competition.

To source, recruit, and retain the best people in any industry, HR leaders must continue to adapt their approach alongside the evolving digital environment. With so many advancements in technology, decision-makers must operate differently. Successful leaders share common practices: observant analytics, constant reevaluation, and readiness for change.

As said by a TA leader at Siemens: “Technology doesn’t disrupt industries. People do. Technology doesn’t innovate – yet. People do.”

Gain Insights from Industry Leaders

We recently sat down with heads of talent acquisition at Accenture and Siemens. Read the article to discover how to:

  • Lead a workforce of the future
  • Approach global challenges with local impact
  • Become an employer of choice through targeted branding
  • Recruit proactively using talent pools, employee referrals, and graduate recruiting
  • Deliver an exceptional service to internal stakeholders
  • Leverage a technology ecosystem

Discover Tools for Global Talent Acquisition from Accenture and Siemens


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