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A new generation of talented designers and engineers is driving the mobility revolution. Avature helps organizations develop the agility they need to compete in all major labor markets, from the US to China, for the talent that is reshaping the industry.

Address Your Challenges Head-on

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Tailor Hiring Processes to Find Top-tier Talent in a Competitive Industry

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Adapt to Market Shifts and Regulatory Mandates On a Global Scale

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Drive Employee Engagement and Decrease Turnover in a Fast-Moving Market

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Navigate the New Challenges Presented by Emerging Technologies and Sustainability

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Why Avature?

Unprecedented workforce transformation in the automotive industry demands innovative HR solutions.

  • Tap into the new wave of top-tier design and engineering talent reshaping the automotive landscape with Avature’s recruiting suite to stand out and tell your brand’s story.
  • Thrive with Avature’s automation for an accelerated hiring process and high-touch candidate experience.
  • Address the ever-changing nature of skills in the marketplace with AI-powered management tools. Conduct skills gap analysis, uncover skills internally and upskill your workforce through internal mobility and social learning strategies that drive your company toward sustainability and innovation.

Talent Solutions Designed to Help You Thrive

Reach and Engage With Highly Demanded Talent

Avature CRM gives your recruiting team the edge in reaching talent in the automotive industry.

  • Find and secure talent in a competitive market by leveraging Avature’s powerful matching engine.
  • Seamlessly connect with highly sought-after professionals in your industry through tailored engagement strategies.
  • Customizable landing pages and email templates allow you to highlight your company’s employer brand for increased visibility.
Discover Avature CRM

Enhance Application Processes with Avature ATS

Elevate your hiring efficiency amidst the automotive industry’s dynamic challenges.

  • Overcome skilled labor shortages with a seamless application experience that converts candidates accustomed to speed and flexibility.
  • Automate stakeholder communications, approval processes and offer letter generation.
  • Transform hiring into a strategic advantage, empowering your hiring team to navigate the evolving landscape easily.
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Unlock Career Growth

Engage, develop and leverage talent searching for new challenges with internal mobility solutions.

  • Retain and develop automotive talent by presenting new challenges within your organization.
  • Decrease turnover by offering employees opportunities based on their career aspirations, skills or other relevant criteria.
  • Empower your team to upskill and fill skills gaps through personalized training at scale.
Foster Career Paths With Avature

Industry Leaders in Action

Automotive is the most challenging environment I’ve ever experienced in talent acquisition, so the speed of response is key. With Avature, we can be agile and adapt to different markets or pools of candidates.

Mark Wilson
Head of Talent Acquisition and Development for McLaren Automotive

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