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Avature Strategic HR Summit: Empowering & Connecting Stakeholders

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How does your HR team tackle the challenges of your organization and innovate on a day-to-day basis? At the 2018 Avature Strategic HR Summit in Shanghai, China, we tackled this and many other questions in a full day of interesting and dynamic presentations by Avature team members and customers such as AB InBev, Adient, Asia Pulp & Paper, L’Oreal, Mettler-Toledo and Virtuos Games. Attendees had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with leading organizations, HR industry thought leaders, and the Avature team, including Avature CEO Dimitri Boylan.

Putting Culture First

Leading international brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev shared with attendees how they recruit and retain the best possible talent by prioritizing their organizational culture while still implementing their business strategy. In addition, they discussed how they leverage Avature CRM for talent management in China and around the rest of the world.

During the process of HR transformation, Avature empowered our recruiting team with the tools for talent pool development and campus recruiting. Avature provided support and made it easy for our recruiting team to execute their ideas.”

Linda Quian, HRVP, APAC at AB InBev

From Paper to One Platform

Prior to Avature, APP didn’t have a global HR system, even though their workers spread worldwide. This led them to have four big challenges: an increase in the demand of global talent; the great spread of their recruitment (over 150 countries and across 6 continents); the organization’s consequently high cultural diversity (including various languages); and a plethora of different processes and policies in the different entities.

When APP launched Avature as its first HR technology tool, the change was drastic. During their session, Laura Chen, Deputy Global Recruitment Head, and Ada Lee, Global EVP Head at Asia Pulp & Paper, shared their experience of leading the company’s global talent acquisition strategy, exploring the challenges and results of change management, particularly within a multinational context.

Before Avature, our talent pool was detached, inconsistent and saved on each individual recruiter’s computer. With Avature, the process became centralized and integrated, reducing our candidates time on the shortlist from 45 days to 22 days and reducing time to fill from 112 days to 82 days.”

Laura Chen, Deputy Global Recruitment Head, Asia Pulp & Paper

Sharing Our Story

In addition to these great client presentations, the Avature team presented two sessions.

During “Hiring the Future with an End-to-End Campus Recruiting Experience”, Implementation Consultant Viola Xu and Manager of Technical Services, APAC Region Roman Cunci demonstrated how Avature Campus Recruiting solution helps organizations successfully recruit the tech-savvy talent of tomorrow.

By giving organizations the necessary tools to implement an engaging, agile, and user-friendly talent acquisition strategy, Avature Campus Recruiting ensures positive candidate interactions throughout the hiring process, from a lead’s shoulder tap to a new hire’s first day.

Finally, Avature CEO Dimitri Boylan (this time accompanied by Product Marketer Xin Lin) led the classic “Avature Roadmap” presentation, which gives a preview of the new features and updates in Avature’s near future. This new functionality will allow you to further automatize and tailor Avature to fill all your company’s recruitment needs.

All in all, the second Shanghai summit was a great success. We’re very grateful for our talented speakers and organizers, and we look forward to next year’s event!



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