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Healthcare recruitment is a competitive task and the ability to hire specific clinical competencies is essential to the delivery of outstanding patient care.

Address Your Challenges Head On

Compete for and Win Specialized Candidates

Streamline Application Processes to Reduce Drop-off

Tailor Hiring Processes for Clinicians and Support Staff

Reduce Attrition with Internal Career Mobility

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Why Avature?

Avature empowers you to build talent pipelines and keep candidates and employees engaged, ensuring continuous service delivery.

  • Connect with medical professionals online, across social media and at conferences, building meaningful relationships that result in better candidates.
  • Manage your end-to-end healthcare recruitment processes from a centralized platform that is mobile-optimized and integrated with social media, video interviewing and more.
  • Align your services with your organization’s strategy, data analytics and compliance needs for increased clarity and comfort.

Healthcare Recruitment Solutions Designed to Help You Thrive

Build Rich Talent Pools

Sourcing talent and building long-term relationships is key to filling open roles quickly.

  • Showcase your employer value proposition consistently across all channels.
  • Build segmented talent pipelines using tools like custom landing pages.
  • Automate timely communications to drive engagement.
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Drive Application Conversion

Tailoring the candidate experience to healthcare professionals is essential if you’re serious about hiring top talent.

  • Simplify the initial application process to prevent drop-offs.
  • Streamline the recruitment process with automated job approvals and offers.
  • Offer flexible video interviewing, accommodating complicated schedules and shifts.
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Stand Out on Campus

Campus events provide the perfect platform to engage medical students early in their careers and fill intern and graduate positions.

  • Optimize event promotion and registration to connect with more students.
  • Nurture long-term relationships with your future workforce.
  • Improve ROI by ensuring a great candidate experience on campus.
Experience it Yourself

Transform Events Recruiting

Connecting with clinicians, in person or virtually, is the key to finding the talent you need to provide excellent patient care.

  • Use recruitment marketing to nurture relationships with medical students.
  • Connect with clinicians at career fairs, seminars and virtual events.
  • Measure ROI for events to optimize your strategy.
Better Capitalize on Events

Perfect Candidate Onboarding

Ensuring a smooth transition from candidate to employee can help drive engagement from the beginning.

  • Foster integration and productivity with social Avature Onboarding.
  • Allow new hires to sign documents, schedule trainings and socialize online
  • Automate, track and streamline every step of the onboarding process.
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Promote Internal Openings

Increasing the visibility of flexible internal career paths can prevent talent drain and improve engagement.

  • Overcome organizational silos with a centralized talent platform.
  • Identify employees at risk of leaving and take action before it’s too late.
  • Help employees find new opportunities with an internal careers portal.
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Industry Leaders in Action

Brooke Glennon, Associate Director of Recruitment Strategy at Encompass Health, shares how she keeps up with the growing demand for medical professionals.

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Resources for Healthcare

Encompass Health communicates with candidates using their preferred channels, such as SMS and social media, to provide the best possible experience:

In fact, our SMS is integrated via Avature, and we use Avature portals to connect leads via our social media campaigns.”

Brook Glennon
Associate Director, Recruitment Strategy

Encompass health?s company logo.

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