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How to Hone Your Campus Recruitment Strategy to Secure Early Talent

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From motivation to flexibility, fresh insights and native digital skills, the benefits of hiring early talent, such as students and new graduates, are well known. But they are also a demanding audience who expect their campus recruitment experience to be mobile-optimized, high-touch and seamless.

Global heavyweights Novo Nordisk, Viasat and Pfizer are leveraging Avature Campus Recruiting to bring a successful university hiring strategy to life, streamlining promotion, optimizing screening, increasing talent engagement and saving valuable recruiters’ time altogether. Let’s get into how.

Catch Early Talent’s Attention Through a Compelling Promotion

Your registration sites to the campus events you’ll participate in during the season are your candidates’ first stop. This touchpoint is not only an opportunity for you to make a compelling first impression but also your chance to get a glimpse of their skills and interests. Avature’s CMS tools can give you a head start by enabling the creation of dynamic, mobile-optimized and fully branded sites and landing pages for your candidates to register and check out your employer brand proposition.

With the Avature Theme Builder for Landing Pages, your recruitment marketers can design an engaging theme focused on the student segment that they’re targeting at each event. Through an intuitive UI, your team can quickly bring to life eye-catching landing pages for each event that leverage this theme and update specific details, such as the name and date of the event.

This is exactly what Novo Nordisk is doing. The organization has designed a captivating early-talent attraction strategy composed of a customized career site and branded landing pages. Through photos, videos and testimonials embedded into mobile-optimized sites, this leading global healthcare company helps students and new graduates envision themselves starting their professional journey at the organization.

Leverage Social Media and Student Ambassadors

Once sites are ready, spread the word! Social media is an excellent option to reach early talent. Luckily, Avature integrates seamlessly with the main social networks, so you can use these channels to share registration sites, updates and valuable content that keep your audience informed and interested.

An organization that successfully adopted the Avature WeChat integration in China to encourage students and new graduates to register on their customized sites is Pfizer. But their engagement strategy didn’t end there. After signing up for the event, the potential attendees became a part of an automated email workflow that included a link to a WeChat podcast. Thanks to that innovative content, the campaign achieved an impressive open rate of around 65 percent and helped convert potential attendees into actual attendees.

But despite how powerful social media and customized email communications are, human interactions still count. A student ambassadors program can drum up excitement prior to the event on campus. These ambassadors can be of great value, identifying top leads in advance and building rapport with them.

Streamline Your On-campus Activities With Flexible Technology

Go Mobile and Make the Most of Your Recruiters’ Time

What happens if you get an influx of attendees who haven’t pre-registered and whose details need to be taken in the moment? Burdening recruiters with signing them up in the middle of an ongoing event would prevent them from focusing on connecting with top talent. If that weren’t bad enough, attendees might feel neglected, damaging your employer’s image right from the start.

With the Avature Campus Recruiting solution, recruiters can activate QR code registration or simply set up self-registration onsite via registration portals on their mobile devices or tablets. Both roads lead to the same destination: attendees simply input their information and interests, which synchronize with the Avature platform in real time.

Viasat has been leveraging these Avature-driven portals for attendees to register or check in on their own. Thanks to this practical solution, the organization has effectively continued collecting information about the attendees, reduced queue times and freed recruiters’ time to focus on more strategic tasks, like interviewing.

Right after meeting promising candidates onsite, Viasat strikes while the iron is hot by inviting them to a networking event via SMS or emailing them a link to a specific role that matches their interests and location. With the intention of keeping Viasat at the forefront of their minds, Avature helps on-site recruiters maintain momentum with the top talent they can’t let slip away.

Screen, Schedule and Interview Your Own Way

Whether you have a pre-event registrants database to screen beforehand or need to assess the attendees on the ground while or soon after they visit your booth, it’s important you identify the most qualified candidates and schedule 1:1 meetings as soon as possible.

Avature’s native AI can also help optimize the process of identifying relevant talent by recommending candidates based on specific criteria or skills from your open requisitions or pipelines. As a result, even if recruiters don’t have time to go over all the attendees’ profiles and interview them onsite, they can still unearth those who might fit the requirements and contact them after the event.

As well as portal and AI-driven screening, Avature also supports gamification, a rising trend in HR. Include a game or quiz for your early talent to complete and spare them from the dull, field-filling activities they’re so used to. By associating a score with each possible response, these knock-out questions provide recruiters with critical information about the candidates almost immediately, helping them identify top performers quickly.

But you can’t move to the actual interview phase without getting into the tumultuous waters of scheduling. Novo Nordisk and Viasat have turned to Avature’s interview scheduling portals to minimize the back-and-forth between recruiters and candidates. With this functionality, recruiters only need to create time slots when they are available to interview and candidates access a personalized portal where they can select a time of their convenience. Smooth sailing, right?

Just when we thought we had most of the process figured out, the pandemic brought about changes to the format of events and we’re again facing the challenge to adapt and thrive. Fortunately, Avature supports video interviews. When paired with our automated email capabilities, you can arrange online or recorded interviews and the system will send invitation emails accordingly, empowering you to take your campus strategy beyond the in-person borders without burdening recruiters.

Nurture Top Talent and Track Effectiveness of Your Initiatives

Increase Engagement With Automation and Segmentation

Whether you have identified top talent and want to invite them to apply shortly after an event, or you want to nurture your relationship with promising candidates that might be graduating further down the line, technology can help. By tapping into Avature’s campaign management and engagement tools, you’ll be able to send personalized content, invitations and check-ins to ensure your brand remains front of mind.

Campus events can be massive and it’s possible you miss out on qualified talent even with a solid communication and engagement strategy in place. Novo Nordisk tries to offset this reality by hanging banners and promoting the possibility for students to apply or join a talent community via text. Afterward, thanks to Avature’s SMS functionality, students receive a text reply with direct links to application forms, so they can apply or request more information straight from their smartphones. The healthcare organization also stays in contact with early talent through a quarterly, branded newsletter that touches on relevant industry highlights.

Securing the most qualified talent depends on the effectiveness of your engagement efforts, which is ultimately tied to how precisely you segment your talent pool. Filter by criteria such as skills or interests and let smart automation take care of the communications. Whenever a position requiring those criteria becomes available in the future, you will already have identified and nurtured a group of qualified candidates to tap into.

Let Reports Guide Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

Keeping a close eye on your efforts is critical in fine-tuning your campus recruitment strategy. Track how your talent interacts with the content you send them, report on how many event leads convert into applicants or even successful hires and, most importantly, act upon the information to decide your next steps. Remember that data empowers you to adjust the elements that aren’t performing and double down on those that are.

Take Pfizer as an inspiration. Through Avature’s reporting functionalities, the company has been determining the number of candidates from campus initiatives that actually applied to open positions and that, better yet, became employees. This has given them visibility into how their campus and engagement efforts are paying off and what areas could use some improvement.

Avature Powers a Comprehensive Campus Recruitment Strategy

University hiring is a journey and Avature can support all of its stages:

  • CMS features to design dedicated registration sites and landing pages for your target audiences.
  • Campaign management tools, segmentation features, social media integrations and mobile optimization to offer the high-touch experience early talent craves.
  • Self-registration and QR-enabled portals plus scheduling capabilities to make the most of your recruiters’ time.
  • Innovative screening and powerful AI to surface qualified talent after an event.
  • Reporting functionalities to assess the performance of your campus initiatives and improve your overall strategy.

By powering your campus recruitment strategy from start to finish with the Avature Campus Recruiting solution, you’ll position your organization as a great place for early talent to choose, work and grow.

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