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2019 US Avature Conference Agenda: Key Themes and Speakers

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Immerse yourself in HR strategy at the 2019 US Avature Conference on March 12-15, in Los Angeles. We will be exploring industry trends and challenges. Discover fresh insights from our trailblazing clients. They will take the stage at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, sharing their stories and giving top tips on how to be an agile HR organization in the 21st Century workplace.

This is an opportunity to be inspired and to get tangible ideas on how to turn your HR strategy into an actionable blueprint. In the meantime, here is a little taster of what to expect.

Bringing Talent Influencers Together

Technical Track Launch for HRIS

New to 2019 is the Technical Track for HRIS-only that explores the nuts and bolts of the Avature system. The session on Software Development Lifecycle will cover fortnightly updates and implementing them to stay ahead. System Infrastructure and Architecture will deep dive into Avature SaaS capabilities, while Analytics Framework: Using JSON and the Avature Report Builder will do what it says on the tin: demonstrate how to build customized data reports. Technical leaders will also learn how to manage the vendor ecosystem with our integration framework, Junction.

Powering Up Advanced Users

A major focus of the 2019 Power User Track is automation, including how to improve operations, build better lists and use the calendar scheduling tool to attract and engage talent at scale. It features our first Avature Mobile Apps talk and a session on how to be a better marketer too. We are also covering internal and external sourcing, as well as reporting and data modelling to make sure that advanced users are leveraging the Avature platform to the max.

Turning Ideas Into Actions

On top of the power tracks, we are organizing a pre-conference workshop exploring HR Transformation led by Bersin by Deloitte. Attendees will learn about the future of work and how talent acquisition can lead the way. CEO Dimitri Boylan and our product experts will lead the Roadmap sessions, sharing Avature’s vision and what to expect as we continue to innovate and equip HR with the tools to connect with talent.

Strategic HR In Action: Key Themes

#1 Rethinking the Recruiter’s Role and Designing a Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Today’s top recruiters behave like marketers. Your talent strategy, including recruitment marketing, should align with your corporate values and brand to be believable. Consistency is key to authenticity. Publicis Sapient will touch on this topic as the company talks about transforming its recruiting process as part of a wider corporate rebrand.

Personalized content is another marketing trick that recruiters should steal, as 61% of digital marketers say that personalization has helped them achieve a superior customer experience.[1] It is also an Avature function, which combined with automation, has a lot of potential. Both Sodexo and Pandora will share their stories.

#2 Thinking More About the Recruiter Experience

The Talent Acquisition experience can only be as good as the tools recruiters have. Laitram will talk about how adopting Avature’s ATS system has empowered its teams to innovate with an easy-to-use platform.

Within the wider stakeholder experience, Cisco will talk about how Avature’s all-inclusive hiring manager solution enabled its recruiters to work more freely and effectively whilst simultaneously complying with new GDPR regulations and internal security standards. Ralph Lauren, meanwhile, will share RL Scout: their global solution for corporate and in-store hiring, which streamlines the retail recruiting process and gives in-store managers the resources to find the right people.

#3 Keeping Talent Warm: Attracting and Engaging Prospects

Proactive sourcing is a critical component of HR strategy to keep recruiting costs down. It can also boost employer desirability. The good news is that the majority of workers (87%) are happy to ‘float’ in talent pools and receive the occasional nudge.[1]

Avanade will present its Candidate-First program and talk about how it’s planning to achieve continuous long-term improvement with its consolidated one-platform model. Lockheed Martin will share its CRM strategy, a 5-year-long process to win over a narrow pool of federal contractors with top security licenses to achieve their Talent Acquisition goals.

#4 Keeping Talent Warm: Contingent Workforce

A third of employees are contingent and this figure is expected to keep growing.[2] Companies can get ahead and develop a contingent workforce management strategy to make sure that they hire the best contingent workers in the gig economy. Accenture will show how Avature’s Contingent Workforce Management solution has allowed it to manage 5,000 contractors in twelve countries internally in a single year and tips to adoption and implementation.

#5 Great Expectations: The Social Factor

Global companies are bound by, not only different legal requirements, but also social expectations. In today’s hyper-connected world, being agile and locally-sensitive is a must. Luckily, technology, like Avature solutions, enable companies to be adaptable and responsive to these weighted factors.

CBRE will share how Avature functionalities allowed it to simultaneously manage Talent Acquisition functions in fourteen countries in the APAC region without using external agencies. The University of Colorado will talk about using two different models that generate comparable and compliant data within a streamlined interface using Avature’s backend customization and automation capabilities.

#6 Keeping the Spark Alive: Using Technology to Show Talent You Care

Candidates and employees want to feel valued, whether it is professional growth opportunities or personal wellbeing. Technology creates a win-win situation for talent and employers. KPMG will demo its CandE-winning career sites and share how it has transformed the experience all its stakeholders. Genomic Health will discuss how Avature helped it upgrade its onboarding experience and overhaul internal mobility – enabling employees pursue their career interests  and Genomic Health to achieve its own goals.

#7 Moulding HR Analytics into Actionable Insights

The growth in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management solutions mean that companies are increasingly sitting on a wealth of data, which they should analyze to understand the highs and lows in the candidate-new hire-employee lifecycle to minimize employee turnover.

However, knowing how to read the data and use it strategically doesn’t necessarily feel straightforward. The 2019 US Avature Conference will help to fill in these gaps. Find out more at the Bersin by Deloitte talk about leveraging data and cognitive technologies to craft innovative sourcing and hiring strategies.

A dose of inspiration

The 2019 US Avature Conference invites you to hear from industry leaders, share ideas with peers and the Avature team, and to push your strategic boundaries. To find out more about the experience, read Marc Mapes’s blog, which he wrote after attending the 2018 event for the first time, and follow the Twitter hashtag #AvatureUpfront to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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