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We have worked side by side with leading institutions to develop a full suite of best-in-class solutions that include CRM, ATS and Onboarding.

Address Your Challenges Head On

Ensure Regulatory Compliance (ADA, OFCCP, EEO)

Adapt Faculty Hiring According to Differing Committee Structures

Manage Confidential Recommendation Letters for Faculty

Prepare for Significant Seasonal Staff Fluctuations

The last step of a job application process for a teaching position using a university careers page powered by Avature.

Why Avature?

The higher education landscape is changing and institutions are locked into a fierce competition for talent. In a single platform, Avature provides industry-proven solutions for managing bespoke recruitment processes and achieving operational agility. If your digital transformation objectives include lowering costs with automation and dramatically improving your candidate experience, then Avature is the right choice.

  • Easily publish engaging content on your career sites using our built-in CMS tools.
  • Design role-specific application processes that enhance candidate experience for both staff and faculty applicants via an intuitive, mobile-optimized interface.
  • Make insight-driven decisions and foster compliance with centralized data tracking, reporting and analytics capabilities.

The Talent Solutions Designed to Help Your Institution Thrive

Manage requisitions for staff and faculty from a centralized yet segmented, mobile-optimized career site.

Multiple application flows

Utilize tailored workflows to define different application processes for faculty and staff.

Accessible interface

Leverage Avature career sites that can be developed to be operable for all users and meet the standards defined in WCAG 2.0 Level AA.


Define a robust compliance program with complete audit trails while leveraging data privacy, including OFCCP and EEO.

A university career portal showing a search bar and open jobs. Candidates can use search filters to find and apply to jobs.

Search committee portal

Provide committee members with an intuitive and mobile-friendly recruitment site where they can review and evaluate candidates at-a-glance and easily access all the necessary files to make their final decision with a single click.

File management

Allow faculty candidates to upload, reuse and manage any files (including large or complex portfolios, presentations or videos).

Letters of recommendation

Define which jobs require recommendations, how and when to ask for them and if they’re public or confidential.

An applicant's profile showing her attached files and education, and a feedback form with the option to request an interview.

Simplified application process

Minimize candidate drop-off by enabling them to apply in a few quick steps.

Hands-off automation

Automate personalized emails and SMS communications to engage your candidates throughout the hiring process. Facilitate smoother hand-offs with automatic notifications for your internal stakeholders.
Speed up the application process by triggering role-specific, pre-programmed assessments for high-volume hiring and auto-generate offer letters and e-signatures.

Analytics module

Along with the traditional reports created within the system, you can track recruiter productivity, vendor and hiring manager activity, and pipeline metrics together in a single and powerful analytics module. Best of all, Avature supports embedded dashboards for controlled access to real-time data.

A university careers page, and the first step of an application process. Users can apply using a variety of social media.

Industry Leaders in Action

Since implementing Avature, we’ve been able to achieve many benefits across the board. Things like more robust data mining and compliance, better candidate care and happier end users, since now people feel they have a system that really supports their needs."

Angela Baker
Sr. Business Analyst & Technical Administrator

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Resources for Higher Education

We explore the benefits of adopting a one-platform approach to talent acquisition by investing in a best-in-class recruiting suite.

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The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation that was passed by the European Union in 2016.

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