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IMPACT 2017: Retain top talent through employee engagement

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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side – but try telling that to a job-seeking employee who feels constrained, disconnected, and unchallenged.

For these very reasons more than half of employed professionals in the U.S. are searching for new jobs or are watching for openings (Gallop). Workers leave their companies for a variety of reasons, but the most common explanations are:

  • career growth opportunities
  • enhanced pay and benefits
  • superior manager or management
  • better company culture
  • improved job fit

When it comes to retaining talent, employee engagement is essential. To share strategies and tools, Avature will take part in IMPACT 2017, Bersin by Deloitte’s annual research-based executive conference. Join us May 22-25 in Florida, and meet our talent specialists.

Why focus on engagement?

Workers want to feel connected to their daily tasks, their colleagues, and their company. Unfortunately, only 33 percent of employees say that they feel engaged in their current jobs (Gallop).

The statistic goes beyond mere numbers. A high level of employee engagement demonstrates to executives that workers are aligned with the company’s strategic goals and objectives. It also enables managers to identify at-risk employees and then work to prevent their exit.

So how can organizations keep employees from seeking greener pastures? The solution centers on a strong company culture, meaningful feedback, and opportunities to develop.

Social engagement

By its very nature, a company’s culture is all about how its people interact. Many companies rely on technology to help foster a sense of connectedness, whether through internal communication channels or social networks. Using the right technology, online social engagement has the ability to create genuine and lasting connections.

Pontoon Solutions, for example, used Avature DNA Social to help unify temporary workers who relocated to a new location. The technology enabled employees to communicate easily with each other and receive company-wide correspondence. As a result, employees adapted to the new culture – both on the clock and after hours.

Avature DNA Social functions as an interactive employee hub for social engagement. The solution offers a format that:

  • allows employees to showcase their work experience, skills, and current contributions to the organization
  • provides a channel for employees to connect with each other and discover people who could collaborate with them on a task
  • creates customizable employee profiles and collects key information about your employees
  • targets content and job opportunities to employees based on information collected throughout the employee lifecycle
  • automates announcements about new hires, mobility, and achievements

Career management and internal mobility

Under the traditional approach to performance management, annual reviews look back at good job performance or – more memorably – poor performance over the span of a year. However, one-fourth of U.S. employees believe that annual performance reviews don’t help improve their performance (OfficeTeam). Today’s professionals thrive through ongoing discussions and recognition.

Avature Performance Management creates space for ongoing, growth-oriented mentorship conversations between employees and their managers. The solution enables:

  • a tailored process for setting and reviewing goals
  • a collection of feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and individuals outside of the organization
  • assessments of employees based on goals and competencies
  • motivation for all employees by making their achievements public

As employees continue expanding their professional abilities, the organization can respond by providing opportunities for internal mobility. A well-designed program helps organizations retain workers with diverse skillsets. Employees can explore a wide variety of interests, and organizations can ensure they don’t lose people who simply want to try something new. Avature Internal Mobility allows employers to:

  • create a custom and fully-branded internal career site for employees to apply for jobs
  • build and manage internal talent pools based on employees’ skills, competencies, and interests
  • establish a tailored approval process to release an employee for a new position
  • advertise opportunities to a targeted group of employees
  • give transparency to the mobility program by announcing promotions and employees’ relocations

Further the IMPACT

We’re happy to be members of Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory firm in strategic HR, and we’re looking forward to attending the four-day IMPACT conference. This year’s event focuses on “Unleashing the Power of Digital: A New World for HR.” With massive workplace disruptions caused by new technologies, together we’ll explore ways to leverage analytics and artificial intelligence. Sessions will focus on how leaders can manage, guide, and operate their organizations amid the changes.

Our team will be on-site to discuss our talent management software and how it helps organizations engage their employees. If you plan to attend, please stop by and say hello!

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