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HR Tech Conference: Leveraging Technology in Strategic HR

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To enable strategic HR, an organization needs technology that meets its business needs. With this in mind, thousands of industry leaders gathered earlier this month for the 20th annual HR Technology Conference & Expo, a recognized hub for HR technology, software, and collaborative tools.

During the three-day conference, attendees learned from HR leaders and disruptors about HR trends and strategy, talent and recruitment tools, machine learning, and more.

Avature in Action

Avature made its eighth appearance at booth 1913, where attendees stopped by for live demos and valuable insights into our 2018 roadmap. In addition to meeting our team, participants also had the opportunity to hear firsthand from two of our customers: CBS and ABB.

Redefining the Role of the ATS

CBS executive Richard Monastersky, VP of Talent Acquisition, shared how CBS uses Avature ATS to engage key stakeholders for streamlined collaboration.

On the topic of transformation in TA technology, Richard said, “Take a step back and forget what you ever did with an ATS before. You are about to change things with Avature.”

CBS experienced this change when it created a dedicated TA department in 2014. The organization needed to stay legally compliant without compromising candidate engagement, service delivery, and recruiter efficiency. Richard explained how the partnership with Avature helps them to:

  • Enable a high-touch, end-to-end candidate experience
  • Empower hiring managers with easy-to-use collaborative tools
  • Increase recruiters’ efficiency in their day-to day activities

Speaking to the configurability of Avature, Richard emphasized how amazed he was by “the ability to decide what we wanted to do and get it done the way we needed it. … Frankly, I feel Avature’s strength is how agile they are.”

Richard took the stage a second time for a featured Avature ATS demo with Amy Schwenck-Lewis, Sales Director at Avature. During the demo, the two talked about leveraging technology as a strategic business tool. Over the past few years, CBS has used Avature ATS to simplify recruiter training, centralize valuable candidate data, and make compliance easier to manage. The TA team now operates with a high standard of collaboration and service delivery to key stakeholders.

Recruitment Marketing with Avature CRM

The conference also featured a customer demo for Avature CRM. Bill Fowles, Talent Acquisition Manager at ABB, and Ernie Kueffner, SVP Americas at Avature, explored how ABB leverages the CRM for employer branding and recruitment marketing.

ABB wanted to boost its employer brand and pipeline ahead of demand in the tough market for engineers. The organization began using Avature CRM to:

  • Launch a branded talent portal and grow the talent pool
  • Create segmented and customized email templates to deliver the brand message
  • Develop a presence on social media channels

As a result, ABB doubled its LinkedIn Talent Brand Index rating, reduced time to fill from 75-85 to 55-65 days, and decreased the cost-per-hire by 40 percent.

Following this year’s #HRTechConf, we’d like to thank our customer speakers, Richard and Bill, as well as all of the attendees who stopped by our booth and joined us for dinner. You helped make this another fantastic event. See you next year!

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