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Global Recruiting: Elevate Your Strategy at Avature Event in Shenzhen

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With multinational talent acquisition more competitive than ever before, the time is now to identify and implement your global recruitment strategy. Keeping this in mind, we will soon host Avature Global Strategic Recruiting Summit, an all-day event focused on transforming talent acquisition ideas into actionable plans.

Taking place on March 10 in Shenzhen, China, the summit will explore how to attract, engage, and retain top talent on a multinational scale. Attendees will have the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with global HR leaders and discover how Avature technologies can support their work.

“We’re excited to be hosting our first summit in China,” said Riges Younan, Avature Senior Vice President, APAC. “We are experiencing the growing appetite of Chinese companies for insight on global talent acquisition best practices and innovative strategies for strategic HR.”

We hope you will join us as we explore technologies that can help your organization reach new heights. Read on to learn what our speakers will be sharing.

Speakers in the Spotlight

When Love Triangles Work: Avature, Career International & Honeywell’s Success Story on Recruiting Service Delivery

Celine Li, Operations Leader, APAC, Career International

Recruitment succeeds when all stakeholders are actively involved in the process, especially when they’re equipped the right tools and partners. Celine will share how Honeywell is leveraging Avature to transform its recruiting service delivery across the region.

Philips’ Straight A’s with Avature: All-Purpose + Agility + Analytics = Advantage

Leon Kwang, Head, Talent Sourcing APAC, Philips

A one-platform approach to strategic HR has the potential to streamline the process of talent acquisition and propel an organization to compete on a global scale. Leon will explain how Philips, as a multinational sourcing leader, leverages Avature to be more agile, create pipelines in advance of business demand, and source talent from around the world.

Beating the Competition: ZTE’s Global Campus Recruiting Strategy to Attract the Diverse, Young Talent

Li Zeng, HRVP, ZTE

Campus recruiting events are an important source of new hires. However, traditional recruitment marketing systems have not been powerful or flexible enough to handle the necessary workload of campus recruiting. Li will describe how ZTE utilizes Avature to streamline the process of attracting and engaging graduates on a global scale at overseas campus recruitment events.

Meet Our Team

Making Strategic HR Possible with Avature

Dimitri Boylan, CEO & Founder, Avature

Strategic HR requires industry professionals to “get into the fight” when it comes to talent acquisition. In order for recruiters to maximize their efforts, they now need to take a service-delivery approach that involves all stakeholders, including hiring managers and candidates. Dimitri will detail how Avature revamped traditional recruitment software to become a collaborative and transparent platform for engagement.

The Recruiting Revolution: Interrupting Business as Usual to Hire the Best Talent

Riges Younan, SVP APAC, Avature

Building the best team for your organization starts with an approach that is proactive, marketing minded, and social media savvy. Riges will present the necessary tools to source and engage passive candidates across multiple channels, including landing pages, career sites, social media, email marketing, and recruiting events. He will also demonstrate how to provide targeted content to your various audiences through the use of segmentation and personalization tools.

Leveraging Avature Global Capability to Boost Your ‘Silk Road’ Strategy

Cai Song, Sales Director China, and Riges Younan, SVP APAC, Avature

With China focused on expanding its new Silk Road strategy, APAC organizations need to be equipped to attract talent from around the world. Riges will address how Avature can help organizations capitalize on recent economic growth from a talent perspective. By using a smart CRM software with global capabilities, companies can source, attract, and engage today’s most qualified candidates.

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