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Upgrade Recruitment Marketing With Cutting-Edge CMS Tools

In a candidate-driven market, learn how acquiring agile CMS tools can transform your recruitment marketing, refine your employer brand and deliver a cogent candidate experience.


How To Create a Total Talent Strategy for the New Era

Avature CEO, Dimitri Boylan, was part of a conversation with several HR leaders regarding what makes up the total talent strategy for the future of work.

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Engaging Talent for the Long Run: ECB’s Path to Attraction, Retention and Development

Hear how European Central Bank overhauled its talent processes, leveraging technology to deliver exceptional stakeholder experiences at scale.

Drip Campaigns: A Guide to Nurturing Authentic Candidate Relationships

Drip campaigns are one of the most effective tools at your disposal to drive authentic engagement and foster long-term relationships with qualified candidates.

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Your Guide to Messaging and SMS for Recruiting Top Talent

SMS and messaging to recruit are an underutilized weapon in the war on talent and can help you stand out and engage potential candidates.


The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing

With the ability to drive brand awareness while effectively attracting and retaining talent, recruitment marketing is shaping talent acquisition in our post-pandemic world.

Banner of Avature's e-book on recruiting events best practices and a link to the landing page to download it.

Your Guide to Elevating Your Recruitment Events Strategy

On-site event management tools are useful, but a competitive recruitment events strategy requires a more agile solution.

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Digitally Transform Recruitment

Listen back to our webinar and discover the key challenges that come with hiring veterans and how a clear candidate journey and the right technology helps you boost your results.

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What Recruitment Can Learn from Consumer Marketing

Listen back to our webinar to deep dive into the current state of the talent landscape, the latest macro trends and the foreseeing future of talent.


Personalize Stakeholder Experiences with a Talent Experience Platform

Avature crafts experiences that are tailored to the needs and goals of stakeholders: tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around.


Drive Candidate Engagement With Recruitment Emails

Learn the importance of triggering an emotional response in your recruitment email campaigns.


How to Optimize Executive Recruiting With Technology

Executive recruiting requires a white glove approach at its core. But can technology optimize the practice without hindering its essence?