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It is no secret that the military are accustomed to a high level of communication, responsiveness and organization; so what do you do if you’re trying to recruit them and your strategy doesn’t share all of these characteristics?

Listen back to Jason Boone, Military & Veteran Outreach Leader at Lockheed Martin, who addressed the key challenges that come with hiring veterans and how defining a clear candidate journey, a solid engagement plan and having the right technology can transform results.

With a total of 110,000 employees, one in five of which is a veteran, Lockheed Martin are well versed in helping ex-military in their transition to a corporate position. With this in mind, they sent their recruitment process to boot camp and are subsequently reaping incredible results with their “Handshake 2 Hire” pathway. Results that earned them two coveted Rally Awards for “Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign” and “Best Use of Recruitment Marketing Technology”!

Hope you enjoy it!


Jason Boone

Military & Veteran Outreach Leader