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Engaging Talent for the Long Run: ECB’s Path to Attraction, Retention and Development

Hear how European Central Bank overhauled its talent processes, leveraging technology to deliver exceptional stakeholder experiences at scale.

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“We need to be able to attract and retain talented people and support their continuous growth while fostering respect, diversity and well-being at work.”

European Central Bank’s goal for its talent processes is one that resonates with companies everywhere. But transforming this vision into a reality without burdening talent teams was the real challenge.

The solution? They knew they needed to invest in highly configurable technology that would adapt to their specific needs and empower a scalable approach while ushering their processes into the digital age.

Listen to Sandra Savary, Leader of HR Systems, and Peter-Alexander Weprich, Senior HR Solutions Analyst, to learn how ECB made strategic changes to their talent journey that delivered benefits for every single stakeholder. Together, they go over:

  • The importance of being intentional when selecting technology and a vendor that can meet your unique business requirements.
  • The long-term value in providing a seamless external and internal candidate experience.
  • How to automate with purpose, identifying key points in the talent journey where smart automation can have a truly exponential impact.
  • The need for a holistic talent strategy to successfully retain the candidates you worked so hard to convert.

Moving beyond theory, they also walk us through two powerful use cases that demonstrate their strategy in action. Firstly, they showcase their innovative approach to CV screening, before diving into their custom-built mentoring solution that champions professional development and workforce upskilling.

So make sure to watch this webinar! You’ll leave with an understanding of the key moments throughout the talent journey that you can invest in and make the world of a difference. Don’t miss it!


Sandra Savary
HR Systems Leader

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Peter-Alexander Weprich
Senior HR Solutions Analyst

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